Your All-In-One Video Advertising and Distribution Guide (2023)

Getting Started

You know you need video, but having video isn’t going to do much for you if the right people aren’t seeing it.

That’s where video advertising and distribution comes in!

By now, you’ve hopefully got a video in your hands that you absolutely love. If you don’t, you might be in the video strategy and planning stage, where you’re figuring out exactly how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to creating your video.

Either way – welcome! You’re in the right place.

Getting a good handle on your advertising and distribution strategy is essential to meeting your video success goals and, ultimately, getting your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

And it all starts with the right balance of owned, paid, and earned media.

That’s why today, we’re breaking down exactly how to approach your distribution strategy and giving you some of our tips and best practices so you can get started on the right foot.

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Earned Distribution

Earned distribution is the most unpredictable and volatile of all your distribution methods. That’s because you have relatively little control over what gets posted and when. Of course, with the right outreach strategy, earned distribution can be one of your biggest drivers of organic traffic, boosting your brand awareness and retention efforts.

Earned distribution is essentially content distribution done by other people or brands. Though you may work with other companies or influencers to share your posts, earning this distribution means you’re not paying them to do so. Earned distribution also means you’re not sharing your content on any of your owned properties.

Social media is a great place to get these earned distribution links. You might share videos you create on your owned company pages, but the minute someone shares a post of yours on their business or personal page, that’s earned distribution. The more of this distribution you get, the further your reach.

Let’s take a look at a couple of our favorite types of earned distribution.


Customer review videos are videos created by users of your product or service. They’re real review videos that aren’t sponsored in any way, and typically show both the positive and any negative aspects of your product, providing an honest point of view. Because it isn’t coming from you as a brand directly, it’s a less biased perspective and increases the credibility of the person speaking.

These review videos can be created organically with no input from you as the brand whatsoever. If you work for a big or well-known company, chances are high someone will naturally make a video reviewing their experience purchasing or using your product or service. But if you work for a small or relatively new company, you’ll have to do a little bit of leg work to get these videos created.

Keep in mind, you aren’t paying for these reviews (if you were, they’d classify as paid distribution). You can, however, urge your users to create this content for themselves. You can contact people directly and ask them to review your product, find influencers who review products like yours already, or create content yourself asking for these reviews, like social posts, blog posts, a website contest, and more.

Public Relations

What happens when you’ve created an amazing video, but it isn’t picking up the steam you hoped it would? That’s when more traditional methods of public relations (PR) can help get your video off the ground.

Promoting your video with PR starts with baking the right value proposition into your video. With an enticing hook, you can make your video attract the right audience and spark interest. Then, create the right pitch for press sites, writers, and outlets; when you do your outreach, give them a real trendy and relevant reason to want to share your video. Create a large list of noteworthy contacts, including writers, influencers, industry leaders, and more, and let them know why they should take an interest in your video and what it can impart on their audience.

Websites and publications are constantly looking for visual media that will enhance their stories, so show these sources how your video can add value to their content. The added benefits video provides when it comes to engagement metrics and SEO should be enough, but if your content is timely and relevant, traditional PR methods can go a long way.

Are You Ready?

When it comes to distributing your video, owned, earned, and paid channels are all crucial to your success. Balancing them based on your video goals, where your audience primarily hangs out, and how many resources you can put behind promotion will all affect your video’s performance. But having the right strategy in place means you’ll set yourself up for greater wins.

Don’t let your video advertising strategy be the reason your video doesn’t perform up to par. Give us a call if you’re struggling with your video’s distribution and we’ll give you our top pointers directly over the phone, and show you how fresh, new video content can transform the way your audience engages with you.

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