How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Pages with Video

You know your brand video belongs on your homepage, on your social media pages, and in your product ads, but can video help you convert users directly on your product pages?

When your video showcases in detail what your product can do, video can be a huge factor in increasing your sales. The key is to quickly and expertly answer the questions your users have when they land on those pages, which usually relate to product size, specifications, functionality, ease of use, and more.

The beauty is these videos are relatively easy to make. With no major storylines, a low budget, and simple visuals, these are the cheapest videos you can make and could lead to the biggest payoff. They’re easy to watch, they communicate your message more effectively, and can be repurposed across channels and platforms.

If you’re still not convinced your ecommerce pages need video, keep reading. We’ll break down where exactly you can use video, a few best practices, and more, so you can start optimizing your product pages and increasing your conversion rates.

Website Ecommerce Pages

More than your homepage or email newsletters, your website product pages need video. Visitors come to your product pages when they’re in the purchase consideration stage, so you want to do everything you can to nurture that mindset and convince your visitor to go through with the sale.

According to Tracey Wallace, Editor-In-Chief at BigCommerce, the goal of your product page video should be to bridge the gap in the online shopping experience. Forty-nine percent of online shoppers say their least favorite part of shopping online is not being able to physically touch the product. Your video should take away some of that unease, presenting a 360 view of the product itself and how someone would interact with it.

Remember – because these visitors are curious about your product(s), you don’t want your video to be too long or distracting. Stay focused on converting your visitor and make sure your video adds value, not detracts from it.

Keep these tips in mind when creating a video for your product store pages.

  • Short is good. Show off your product, give any necessary product details, and show it in action, but try to avoid going any longer than 30 seconds.
  • No sound, no problem. Users are unlikely to unmute your video, so make sure everything you communicate is done so without audio. Use captions if necessary.
  • Include a human touch. How would your product be used? Provide an example so visitors can relate to the video more personally.
  • It’s all in the details. Include physical specifications, like size, weight, capacity, color, and more.
  • Be natural. Show your product in its natural environment. This will give visitors a better idea of what their experience with your product will be like.

Amazon Product Pages

If you’ve got an Amazon store, you should take full advantage of the video capabilities their ecommerce platform offers. Adding video has been shown to increase conversion rates, since video enhances the shopping experience and makes it easier to visualize using a product.

Amazon is such a huge marketplace, you’re really missing out if you’re not selling there. And because people go to Amazon ready to buy, you should make it as easy as possible for people to spend their money. But don’t compete based on price – that’s a quick race to the bottom. Instead, focus on providing as much product detail as possible, so your visitors can make the most informed decision.

Luckily, video helps you communicate this. From how a product functions, to how it looks being used or worn, video can tell your visitor more than you can in words alone.

There are three ways you can use video on your Amazon seller page.

1. Detail Page Display Images

This is the most prominent video placement at the top of a product detail page. It uses a spot normally taken up by an image and dedicates it to video instead.

2. Video Shorts

These videos are listed right above the Customer Reviews section on a product detail page. You have to scroll below the fold to see these videos, but a video view here indicates high buyer interest.

3. Videos in Storefronts

This is a custom brand destination that emulates the store experience. If your brand is registered through amazon, sellers can use portions of this custom page to highlight product videos.

Best practices for product videos on your Amazon page are similar to product videos you’d create and post anywhere else. Remember to keep them short and really highlight how to use your product. You might even want to take advantage of user-generated content and post a customer review as one of your video shorts.

Here’s a video created specifically for an Amazon product page. It highlights all of the product’s special features, important specs, and even shows it in action.

Etsy, eBay, and Other Marketplaces

Though marketplaces like Etsy and eBay may not be your main source of income, they present a unique opportunity to sell your products to a new audience. In addition, many marketplaces have launched video functionality, making it easier than ever to add video to your product listings or pages.

Etsy, for example, recently launched a video editing tool that allows sellers to shoot and edit product videos directly from their smartphones. They understand that users expect to see video and that adding video increases a seller’s conversions, helping them make more money, as well.

Source: Etsy

Sites like eBay allow you to manually embed a video link in your listing, or use video integrations to provide a more natural viewing experience. Facebook Shop pages also have native video integration that allow you to not only share more about your products, but share more about your brand.

No matter which marketplace you decide to take advantage of, using video advertising and distribution is a must. If a user goes to your website and can’t find the answers they’re looking for, rest assured, they’ll go somewhere they can. That means you may not only lose a sale, but your competition may gain one.

Don’t let that happen! If you need help creating the perfect video for your product pages, look no further. Our video experts know exactly what product videos should look like and what users expect from one. Schedule a free creative call to get the process started.

Laura Cueva

Laura Cueva