Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Product Video Ads

When it comes to advertising your company using video content, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? A traditional television commercial? A comedic viral video hit? How about an explainer video that breaks down your product or service in layman’s terms?

When it comes to marketing a product or service online, the product advertisement video is the unofficial king. Whether you’re running an ecommerce business, fielding inquiries from potential customers on social media, or engaging with leads on your website, a product video is the perfect marketing tool to succinctly explain how your product works by showing it in action.

Below, we’re going to breakdown product video ads, showing how and why they’re effective, and when to use one for maximum impact.

What is a product video?

A product video ad is a video that highlights your product’s features and shows it in action. Product videos help entrepreneurs easily showcase what a product can do, but what’s more, it’s actually the preferred way for your potential customers to learn more about your product, especially if there isn’t a way for them to check it out in person.

That’s because consumers have been proven to engage more with video content, and product videos in particular are known to better explain products to consumers, boost consumer confidence in your brand, and increase sales conversion rates.

What makes a good product video?

Where a brand video is all about establishing a company’s personality and aesthetic, a product advertisement video is all about establishing the personality and aesthetic of a specific product. Product video ads show how the product works by showing the product in action, quite literally bringing your product to life – and nothing is more captivating to a potential buyer than being able to visualize what it would be like to use and own your product.

But even the best product videos don’t neglect that video is all about storytelling. While product ads need to explain how a product works, they also need to demonstrate how your product can help your prospective customers reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Why is your product superior to other products they could use? Demonstrating your product through an ad with a compelling story helps show your product’s value in action and connects with your customers on a deeper level.

Consider: What problem does your product solve for your customers? How does it improve your customers’ lives for the better? What else can your customers achieve with your product’s potential?

How to Incorporate a Product Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Adding a product video to your marketing strategy is a great way to increase consumer confidence in your brand and product. Even if you’re a known brand with name recognition, creating a video advertisement for a new product can help your customers familiarize themselves with your new line.

A product ad

First, you need to define what goal you’re trying to achieve with your video marketing. Are you trying to attract new customers, engage web visitors, nurture incoming leads, or delight current customers? Then, depending on the goal you defined, you can use the right product video in your current marketing tactics.

Product videos can and should be worked into every stage of your customers’ buyer’s journey. Simply by watching a product ad on your website, consumers report that they’re 73 percent more likely to buy your product!

When should a brand use a product video?

You can use a product video ad in almost every stage of your marketing funnel, but sometimes a product ad is especially useful for certain situations. Whether they’re scrolling through the website looking for how your product works, or interfacing with a sales agent via email to get more information, the product video not only establishes what your product does, but can answer questions, too. For instance:

  • Consumers are more likely to trust a company willing to show their product off with a product advertisements during the awareness stage.
  • Product videos are particularly useful for answering customer questions during the consideration and evaluation phase.
  • You can show off your products strengths, like quality, efficiency, and ease of use, with a product video ad during the decision stage.

Additionally, 57 percent of consumers report being more confident (and less surprised by) the products they ordered after watching a product video, and are therefore less likely to return the product.

But remember, your marketing strategy can’t survive on product advertisements alone. There are times when a product video isn’t the best choice, and that’s usually when trying to soft-sell your customers. Because of the nature of product videos, they’re naturally promotional, and usually come off that way to the audience. Both day in the life and testimonial videos are great for capturing audience attention, while building outside credibility in a way that feels natural and less promotional.

6 Excellent Product Video Ad Examples

When it comes to the power of a well-made product video, don’t just take our word for it – we have plenty of excellent, high quality examples of product videos done right. Check out the product videos below, and tell us what you think!

1. ChoreCheck

Why it works: This product video from ChoreCheck shows how a non-physical product (an app) works by demonstrating it in practice as a mom and her kids (their potential customers) use it.

2. LotLinx

Why it works: Not all product videos can (or have to) be live action – an animated product video, like this one from LotLinx, can tell a compelling visual story about how your product works, too.

3. Wayfair

Why it works: You can flip a traditional product video on its head by hiding it in another story, like Wayfair in this product ad featuring ABC’s The Bachelor winners Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici and their nursery design story.

4. HomeChef

Why it works: A product video doesn’t have to just be you talking about the product. This one from HomeChef lets customers explain the product for them – it’s a customer testimonial AND product ad in one.

5. SeaDream

Why it works: Sometimes, all you need to do is let the product speak for itself, like this product advertisement from SeaDream that’s all about the cruiseliner’s cuisine – and boy, does it make you hungry!

6. ParTea

Why it works: This product video by ParTea not only keeps it short, sweet, and focused on the product, but shows a wide range of uses by demonstrating different cocktail choices and opening up the customers’ mind to all sorts of possibilities.

Looking to create your own product video?

Need more help getting your product video in front of the right eyes? Don’t forget to check out our new video advertising and distribution guide. If you’re looking for more examples of product videos, there are plenty more where that came from; but if you’re interested in creating your own product video, reach out today! Schedule a call with one of our creative producers today. We can help discuss your marketing goals, determine how a product video can fit in, and map out the perfect product video for you.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey