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Video Marketing 101: The Evolution of Vertical Video

It’s no secret: people are consuming information through mobile platforms more than ever before. According to The Telegraph, 2016 marked the first time in history that more users accessed the web through mobile devices than through desktops.…

Convert Better: How to Use CTAs in Your Next Video

What better way to get someone to perform a specific action than by telling them? In person, asking nicely is probably your best bet. But online, you have to be clear and direct, especially as a marketer…

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Great Video Marketing Starts with the Script

Think about your favorite movie. It could be a classic, like Casablanca, or modern masterpiece, like Pulp Fiction. These movies have amazing cinematography and great acting, but one of the key elements that makes them so great…

8 Most Engaging Commercials of 2019

A good commercial has the power to totally elevate or sink your brand. From “Wazzzup!” to “It gives you wiiiiings!”, commercial taglines, catch phrases, jingles, and cameos naturally become a part of history, and when done right,…

7 Expert Tips for Creating a Viral Video in 2019

It’s every company’s dream to create one video – one amazing, funny, unexpected, shocking, minute-long video – that becomes as viral as that infamous Dollar Shave Club video or as laugh-out-loud funny as good ol’ Chuck Testa.…

How to Create the Perfect Promo Video

You’ve probably heard the term “promo video” thrown around a lot, usually in the context of an online commercial surrounding an upcoming event. But what actually is a promo video? Why make one? And how do you…

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