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The Growth of Episodic Content: Your Starter Guide

Have you heard about the fall of television as we know it? With streaming taking over our collective psyche, more people watching videos on their mobile devices than ever before, and cord cutting hitting a record high,…

3 Tips from this Subaru Commercial You Need to Start Using

As consumers of television and internet, we see commercials all the time. There are good commercials, great commercials, and downright terrible ones. Usually, a good commercial will use one of three techniques to hook the viewer in:…

Is Shortform or Longform Video Right for You?

You work for a brand that’s trying to nail down their video strategy and you’ve been tasked with figuring out what type of video will drive the most revenue. You start by researching – you know all…

6 Ideas to Spark Your Video Creativity

We talk a lot about the different types of videos you can create for your business. You know, the usual. Brand videos, social videos, testimonials, and the like. But what do you do when you can’t think…

Viral Video: How the LA Chargers Killed It on Twitter

Stock footage sometimes gets a bad rap for being cheesy, fake, or just plain bad. But when used correctly, stock footage can be a lifesaver (or a screensaver) that helps you get across an idea visually without…

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