Explainer Video Production

Share your brand’s unique story with animations rather than footage.

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

An explainer video can be thought of as an animated version of the “About Us” video. We’ll use expertly-crafted animations to share your story and what makes your brand unique.

Build Brand Awareness

Like About Us videos, explainer videos often help to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. The key difference is that explainer videos will focus more heavily on visuals, using the animation to hold viewers’ attention.

Choose a Custom Style

Explainer videos are animated videos that don’t require any footage. We’ll work with you to determine which specific animation style works best for your brand.

Connect with Viewers

Explainer videos often live on the “About Us” section of companies’ websites. They’re also popular on social media pages and within email marketing distributions.

Explainer Video Production Company - Video Marketing 1
Explainer Video Production Company - Video Marketing 1
Explainer Video Production Company - Video Marketing 2
Explainer Video Production Company - Video Marketing 2
Explainer Video Production Company - Video Marketing 3
Explainer Video Production Company - Video Marketing 3

Choose Your Video Style

Check out the examples below to see what we’d recommend for your Explainer Video.


Best for integrating content types or using existing footage.

From $1,500
Timeline of 3 to 8 weeks*
Video Production Company - Curated Video


Best for explaining complex products and services.

From $2,500
Timeline of 5 to 10 weeks*
Video Production Company - Animated Video

We have answers.

What if I’m not sure which video I need?

Unlike other production companies that focus on execution, Lemonlight offers expert recommendations to elevate your video marketing strategy. If you’re not quite sure what you need, we’ll ask a few questions in our initial consultation to make sure we point you in the right direction. We’re able to apply data and results from over 10,000 finished videos to align our approach with your goals.

I already know exactly what I want from my video. Can you just film and edit it?

Absolutely. While many of our clients rely on our video expertise to come up with a creative concept, others already have a brief and just need an execution partner. We’ve had success with many world-class companies that already had detailed briefs when they started working with us. In these cases, our role is to bring your creative vision to life and exceed your wildest expectations. And yes, we always deliver.

Where can I publish my video once it is done?

The short answer is that you can publish your video pretty much anywhere! We’ll work with you to discuss a distribution strategy that aligns with your goals. Our clients commonly share videos on website and product pages, social media platforms, OTT (streaming) channels, Broadcast TV, and any number of other places that work with their video marketing strategies. For more info, check out this article.

Do I need more than one video?

This really depends on your goal and your budget. One video is infinitely better than no videos, but as you can imagine, a series of videos is often even more effective. Clients often make the mistake of trying to fit tons of information into one video, which can overwhelm and frustrate viewers. We always recommend sticking to one key goal/focus per video. Our Producers will work with you to come up with a strategy that makes sense for your organization’s goals and limitations.

How long does it take to produce a video?

Your project’s timeline will depend on a number of factors, like how many videos you’re creating, your video length and complexity, and how quickly your team can provide feedback throughout the process. Generally speaking, a typical production can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. We can often accommodate rush turnarounds, so make sure to share any deadlines with our team so we can create an appropriate timeline.

Do I need to hire actors, find locations, or bring props?

No! We’ll handle all of these pre-production details for you. If you have specific actors, locations, or props in mind, we can almost always incorporate them into the project. But, if not, we’ll tackle these logistics steps so your team doesn’t have to. The only exception is product videos, where we’ll need a sample of your product to film.

What happens if I need to reschedule the production?

We understand that life happens and sometimes, production plans need to change. Let your Project Manager know ASAP if you need to reschedule or change any details around your production date. Our team will work with you to discuss options and will share any rescheduling fees for last-minute changes.

What cities can you film in?

We have expert local production crews in over 70 cities worldwide. These teams are fully vetted by Lemonlight and will deliver the same great experience in every location. Check out a map of our operating areas here, and feel free to reach out if you’re unsure whether your area is covered.

How can you ensure quality in every state?

Our expert local production crews are the secret to our global success. These teams are fully vetted by Lemonlight to ensure that we deliver the same great experience anywhere in the world, and they’re world-class at what they do.

* Production times may vary depending on the project, and the displayed timelines are an average. Rush projects are available for a 20% additional fee.