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Spotlight on Social: How to Utilize a Brand Video Signature

When creating multiple videos for your business for social media (or anywhere, really), you’ll oftentimes find yourselves making and testing very different videos to target very different demographics or achieve very different marketing objectives. That’s where having…

5 Tips for Making a Team Video for Your Company

There’s no dispute: video is the best tool to quickly grow your business. Consider these remarkable stats: Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and…

Want to Make the Best Possible Video? Here’s How

You know you need video. There are all these video statistics touting the power of video and video is basically everywhere you turn – on websites, social channels, in email, there’s even a funny video GIF for…

Learn How to Livestream with these 8 Best Practices

It’s OK, you can admit it. You maybe don’t know what live streaming it. Obviously you understand the general concept – it’s live – and you know you need to do it because it’s good for audience…

Video Marketing 101: The Evolution of Vertical Video

It’s no secret: people are consuming information through mobile platforms more than ever before. According to The Telegraph, 2016 marked the first time in history that more users accessed the web through mobile devices than through desktops.…

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Convert Better: How to Use CTAs in Your Next Video

What better way to get someone to perform a specific action than by telling them? In person, asking nicely is probably your best bet. But online, you have to be clear and direct, especially as a marketer…

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