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How to Spice Up Your Content with High-Quality Video

Let’s face it: not all businesses were built for the exhilarating, tantalizing, sales-driving world of content marketing. And that’s okay! Some industries just don’t lend themselves to very engaging visual or written content. No shade, but if…

How to Optimize Your Customer Video Review Strategy

A lot goes into making a purchase decision. From initial research to personal recommendations, users will seek out all the information they can get before commiting to a purchase, especially now that the internet facilitates so much…

How Many Videos Does Your Small Business Need?

Let me stop you right now. You’re probably thinking, “Wait—I need more than one video? One is expensive enough!” You’re running a small business, after all—you can’t afford to break the bank on marketing. But what if…

8 Expert Tips For Effectively Communicating with Your Audience

You’ve probably heard the saying that “communication is key,” and it’s true—communication is a critical component of almost any day-to-day activity, both at work and at home. So, we asked eight experts for their tips on effective…

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Video Trends in 2020: Vertical Video

It’s time for the next installment of our “Video Trends in 2020” series (check out parts one and two!), and this time, we’re looking at vertical video. All over the Internet, there are complaints from users watching…

Client Spotlight: Gillette

If you’ve watched any videos online lately, you may have noticed that most video content has one thing in common: it’s short. With psychologists and marketers alike pointing out the impact of our short attention spans on…

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