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Get the video content you need and start raising funds today. For over 8 years, we’ve produced crowdfunding videos focused on one thing: generating results. We have helped our clients and crowdfunding partners raise millions through compelling story-telling. Attracting investors and donations is an art and a science. We know how to blend creativity with strategic marketing to make your campaign a smashing success.

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Between now and June 30, CrowdFunded attendees can create a 60-second video for only $3,000, which 40% off our entry-level package. We believe so much in what you are doing, we want to make it easier than ever to tell your story. Contact us now to take advantage of this special offer!

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When you want your products to shine, the right video can make all the difference. That’s why we became an official LaunchBoom partner—we create stunning product videos that show consumers exactly why they need your products in their hands.

Example Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding Docu-Style

This Indiegogo campaign promised a premium Lego experience. The video campaign raised 1332% to goal.  

Crowdfunding Curated 

This on-the-go touch screen monitor raised over $3 Million as part of a powerful Indiegogo campaign.

Crowdfunding Partners

Resources to get you started with crowdfunding video.

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