How to Create an Engaging Crowdfunding Landing Page

Lemonlight and StartEngine hosted an exclusive webinar, “How to create an engaging crowdfunding page.” In case you missed it, here are the essential tips and tricks for the best landing page possible! Remember – the more informative and eye-catching your crowdfunding landing page is, the higher the chance of raising funds for your company!

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Equity crowdfunding is a way for anyone to be able to invest in your idea, passion and company. When the Jobs Act passed in 2016, investing was democratized and the requirements to becoming an investor were changed. Now an entirely new “crowd” of people, including family members, customers and industry enthusiasts could invest in companies.

Think of your landing page as your company’s chance to make the best first impression possible. Use your landing page as a way to share your passion with the world and receive investments to fund this passion! This is where you can share all of your valuable information, show market demand for your product and connect to potential investors. Transparency is key – be authentic and build trust with the people who come to learn more about your company.

Video is a huge component to building that trust. According to Hubspot, by adding a video to your landing page, you can increase conversions by 80%! This is a huge statistic! A captivating video is not only more engaging than text or photos alone, but allows the potential investor to create an authentic connection with the company’s CEO and founding members. When the visitor sees the passion, devotion and dedication behind the company, there is a greater chance that he or she will want to invest! A combination of amazing glamour shots with captivating interviews will build excitement around your brand or service and foster the connection you need to make with any potential investor.

Video will provide you with the competitive edge you need to receive more investments and connect with a wider audience. A strong, well-scripted and creative video allows viewers to see your company in the most authentic light. Mashable said that Kickstarter projects with a video component succeed at a higher rate than those without by a rate of 50 percent to 30 percent! Talk about a win!

While a video is a central component of any crowdfunding landing page, you can’t forget a few other key elements! Make sure there is always a Call to Action – you peaked the interest of potential investors so you need to make sure you let them know how to proceed and take the next steps toward investing! Some examples of clear Call to Actions include “Learn More,” or “Invest Now.” Make sure you capture as many potential investors as possible!

Other must-haves include any press that has been written about your company. If a potential investor understands that there is a demand in the market and others are buzzing about your brand, there is a greater chance that he or she will see you as a legitimate business that is growing over time.

Finally, a crowdfunding campaign is all about storytelling. Why did you start your business? How did the idea behind the company come to life? Statements from founders should be displayed toward the top of your landing page, so an immediate connection can be made between you and your investors. Further share your story through a visuals. Elements such as a company timeline and a Use of Proceeds chart not only explain your company’s past, but where you hope to be in the future.

For more information, make sure you watch our webinar.

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