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Immersive 360-Degree Videos: Transforming the Viewer Experience

July 31, 2023 5 min read359

Are 360-degree videos in your marketing strategy? Most brands would say no, but they’d be missing the opportunity to connect with viewers on a deeper level.

Unlike traditional videos (which focus on a fixed point of view), 360-degree videos capture every angle of a scene at the same time. It’s similar to a panorama, except the camera pans in all directions instead of just left and right.  

For viewers, the experience is a major step up from traditional content. Getting to take in the full scene—whether the “scene” is a product tutorial or a real estate tour or a concert live stream—creates the feeling that you’re actually in the experience in real-time.

Want to capitalize on the benefits for your brand? Here’s everything you need to know about the power of 360-degree video for marketers.

Benefits of 360-Degree Videos for Brands

360-degree videos aren’t just great for viewers—they’re also great for marketers and brands that want to capitalize on the storytelling benefits. 

The dynamic, comprehensive nature of 360-degree videos lends them to scenarios where viewers need a lot of information about what they’re watching. Here’s how that breaks down for both B2B and B2C brands.

B2B companies can use 360-degree videos to showcase their products, locations, and behind-the-scenes operations. By immersing potential clients into their manufacturing processes, showrooms, or even office spaces, they can build trust and transparency. The result? A stronger connection with their audience, which helps drive sales over time. 

For B2C brands, 360-degree videos are especially effective at pushing consumers through the customer journey. Imagine virtual test-drives for cars, virtual tours for resorts or travel experiences, and virtual product walkthroughs for pretty much everything else. 360-degree videos make it easier to understand everything from clothing to tech gadgets to home goods—no in-store visits required. 

For both B2B and B2C sales models, the interactive elements of 360-degree videos enhance customer engagement, reduce the uncertainty in the purchase process, and lead to more informed purchase decisions. Everyone wins! 

Examples of 360-Degree Videos by Industry

360-degree videos are useful across the board, but a few industries and use cases lend themselves more closely to the interactive format. Here are a few case-specific examples for travel, real estate, events, and experiential marketing executions.


The travel industry is an obvious contender for 360-degree videos. Prospective travelers can use 360-degree video to get a clearer idea of their next destination, using content to decide where to go or what to book in each location. Virtual tours of hotels, landmarks, restaurants, and other travel experiences provide more context than photos or traditional videos, so it’s easier to make the right choice for their preferences. 

Even viewers who aren’t in the market for a vacation can immerse themselves in the video’s destination, strengthening brand affinity and building excitement for future travels. 

Real Estate

360-degree videos have also revolutionized the way people shop for homes. Instead of relying solely on static images and traditional videos, potential buyers can virtually walk through properties, getting a sense of space and layout. The immersive experience makes it easier to grasp the scale of the property and how it might actually align with your day-to-day needs.

As a result, 360-degree videos save time for both real estate agents and buyers. Buyers can use 360-degree videos to understand if a property is even worth a visit—which is especially useful if they don’t live in the market they’re buying into. And with fewer properties making the cut, agents can put more of their time and energy into the tours that have the most potential. 


The pandemic gave most of us exposure to virtual events, but the experience wasn’t always positive. Why? A video livestream gets the key information across, but it eliminates the rest of the context you’d gain in person.

360-degree videos preserve that context, letting remote attendees feel more like they’re really there. They can see the event space from different angles, feel more connected to the in-person audience, and generally participate in a way that more closely mimics the in-person experience.

Experiential Marketing

Finally, brands can use 360-degree videos to create unique experiential marketing campaigns. One of the most common examples is an interactive storefront, which lets viewers feel like they’re browsing a physical store. Compared to scrolling down a list of online products, the shopping experience within a 360-degree video feels more meaningful. 

Successful 360-Degree Video Campaign Examples

Want to feel inspired? Here are three brands that are nailing their 360-degree video campaigns.


Since GoPro’s product is all about capturing video in extreme situations, it’s a perfect match for 360-degree video content. Check out the example below, which lets you into a series of exhilarating situations from all angles. Whether you want to feel like you’re skydiving, river rafting, or even running in a dog pack, the brand’s 360-degree footage brings you right into the heart of the experience.


Gatorade took a slightly different approach in its 360-degree campaign, taking you into the experience of a Major League Baseball game. Viewers experience the full scene from Bryce Harper’s perspective, taking in the whole stadium the way players actually experience it. 

The New York Times

Finally, you might not expect a major news outlet to need 360-degree video, but the interaction in this New York Times video lets you experience the stories of three displaced children more closely. Instead of just learning the facts of their upbringing, the 360-degree format brings viewers into their day-to-day lives, making their stories even more powerful.

Final Thoughts

360-degree video is still underutilized in the marketing space. If your audience would benefit from an interactive experience with your brand, 360-degree video may be the perfect fit. 

Ready to bring your vision to life? The Lemonlight team is here to help—contact us below!

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