5 Awesome Places You Should Place Your Online Videos

Let’s Face It. in Today’s World, We’re All Pretty Much Addicted to the Internet.

We Facebook. We tweet. We Skype. We blog. We pin. There really isn’t any facet of the Average Joe’s day-to-day that can’t have a filter slapped over it and be uploaded for all to see. We’re also highly visual. Technology has made us all a little impatient and whittled down our attention spans by half. We want to be engaged and entertained, and that is why video marketing and online videos have become the fastest growing and most effective form of advertising in the 21st century.

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A study by PointRoll revealed the highest performing online ad format is the in-stream video ad.

Through video marketing and online videos, you’re able to inject your personality and style in a way that text just can’t compete with (no offense, writers.) We all know how fun brochures can be, but when’s the last time you actually read one of those flyers stuck under your car’s windshield wiper? Videos allow you to not just attract a broader audience and capture the attention of potential clients, but it also helps you maintain a fun, youthful and enticing way to open up new doors and maintain relationships with existing clients.

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At Lemonlight, we’ve pulled off quite a feat, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve managed to combine the high-quality glamour of a TV commercial with the creativity, wit and quickness that is needed for successful online advertising. We don’t just want you to have a boring, informative video that makes those 1980’s movies from your high school health class look Grammy-worthy. We want to capture the essence of your company in business videos that keep amuse, entertain and clients coming back for more. So we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 places you should place your videos once the final cut’s been made.

  1. Your Website

This may wind up being the site that the fewest customers visit, because we know that you’re a social media expert and keep them updated in the ways that truly reach them. However your website is still your company’s billboard, which means your business videos should be front and center to capture potential customers’ attention right off the bat.

  1. Facebook

Because who doesn’t check this site at least 30 times a day? Even if a client hasn’t visited your page since they hit the “like” button way back when, uploading your online video will allow it to show up in their newsfeed and refresh their memory on just how fantastic your business is and why they need you right now.


  1. A blog

This is distinctly different from a website and may not apply to your specific business, but if you run a blog – even a personal one where people get to know you on a more intimate level – you can brag and show off your shiny new advertisement and potentially draw in new clients in the process.

  1. Your Storefront

If you play your business video on loop at the storefront or in between shows in the waiting room, you establish an immediacy that catches customers’ attention and leaves a lasting impression.

  1. YouTube

In a prime example of the rise of video marketing, a lot of businesses today have taken to running their own YouTube channels that show an interesting, behind-the-scenes look and add an entirely new and personable level to the small business. Having your new ad be the first thing that plays when someone visits your channel is a great way to kick things off on the right foot and get your future subscribers on their way to giving you a call.

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