6 Categories of Commercials for Your Business Videos

Learn what kind of commercial works best for your business videos and become an expert in digital marketing!

Millions of people troll the web daily looking for the things they need. Having interesting business videos for websites, to introduce your company and explain what it does, can attract lots of people to your website. The videos can help to turn those visitors into customers.

It takes about 1.8 million words to get the same impact as a one-minute marketing business video. Over 100 million people watch online videos every day and the videos help many of them decide what to buy. About 75% of business people interviewed by Forbes, said they watch video presentations on business websites every week. Almost 70% of them checked out the company’s website afterwards, and half of them made a purchase. Sixty percent say they prefer watching business videos rather than reading text. Do you think video marketing can help your business grow? The answer is always yes!

Here are 6 basic types of video marketing. Your target audience should help you decide the type of commercials you use. However, using video presentations can make all types of commercials more effective.

1. Topical Video

This type of video highlights your product and motivates consumers to look, read, listen, or call.

2. Image Video

Image videos are designed to build confidence in your brand. They focus on the qualities you want people to associate with your company, long-term. Great products, excellent customer service, social consciousness, these are all qualities often touted in Image Videos. These videos are great for targeting specific demographic groups.

3. Comparison Video

This type of video helps companies stand out from their competitors. They talk about a business’ special processes, ingredients, or products which no other company has.

4. Customer Testimonials

When customers talk about the benefits of a product people tend to believe them. The key is using people who look like your target audience and sound natural and conversational and not like they’re reading a script.

5. Get on the Bandwagon Videos

These videos convince people to purchase a product because it’s the popular or trendy thing to do. Using someone who’s very popular or looks hip helps make the ads work.

6. Proof of Performance Videos

Proof of Performance videos highlight the success of a product and quote eye-popping statistics. They work best when they talk about how they solved a common problem.

Using videos for business introductions dramatically improves your chance of success. People would much rather watch a short, entertaining and informative business video, than read case studies and white papers, or watch a company rep do a live demo. Seeing people’s faces, hearing their voices, and watching their movement and body language, grabs consumer’s attention and makes the information being presented more meaningful researchers say. Video marketing and business videos checks all those boxes and more.