Spotlight on Social: Highlight Your Product with Stop Motion

When creating videos for social media, you don’t always need a full crew for a 12-hour shoot day out on location in the Sahara desert. While it’s unlikely you were planning a shoot that complicated, even a simple video production can often feel overwhelming with all the coordination and money involved.

Really, depending on your goal, the social videos you create can actually be much smaller in scale without losing quality. Using simple techniques, like a colored backdrop, light background music, and a few captions for context, you can create a video that’s twice as effective and 12 times less complicated using only your product.

While there’s a few ways to combine the elements above to create simple and effective social videos, one of our favorite techniques is using stop motion video, like this one we created for Cubcoats:

Most often associated with animated movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Wallace and Gromit, stop motion animation is a cute and simple video making technique that takes still photos, usually of inanimate objects, and makes them come to life – which was perfect for Cubcoats’ adorable 2-in-1 stuffed animals that turn into soft hoodies.

Using a simple colored background to highlight the product, we brought “Pimm the Puppy” through a series of captioned steps showing how easy it is to transform a Cubcoat from hound to hoodie, scored by light and easy-going background music.

Similar to another popular video type known as unboxing videos, you can use the stop motion format to “unbox” your own products and show their basic functionality. By using a colorful backdrop, you can contrast your customers’ otherwise busy feeds and get them to focus first and foremost on your product. Then, don’t forget the fun music!

Using a square format, this video type is perfect for Instagram, but you can also create a vertical version to post as an Instagram Story. Light and easy to watch, viewers would be hard-pressed to skip something so simple yet captivating, making this an effective tool for attracting and engaging with followers and first-time visitors alike!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey