Vimeo Launches Vimeo Create: What It Is and How to Use It

This February, Vimeo added a new product to its repertoire called Vimeo Create. The tool, designed to make video creation easier for small and mid-sized businesses or people with no video experience, offers templated content and basic editing options on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. Vimeo calls the new offering “a quick and easy video maker for high-impact social videos,” and says that the tool is an answer to cries from small businesses that need help making video production more accessible.  

Our team at Lemonlight tested the new tool to evaluate the use cases for Vimeo Create. Here’s what we found: 

  • Vimeo Create is still experiencing some glitches. Having launched publicly less than a week ago after spending the early part of this year in beta testing, Vimeo Create is still not a flawless tool. As of the date of publication, our team still couldn’t even access the “Get Started” page for creating content without using Chrome’s incognito mode. When we were logged into our Lemonlight account, we received an error message explaining that we were unauthorized to use the tool. We expect that these issues will be worked out in the coming days and weeks, but as the tool is currently brand new, expect some minor bugs throughout the interface. 
  • The templates are great for SMB audiences who don’t have video resources. There are tons of templates to choose from, and they’re broken into categories based on the messaging of the content (ex. “Buy This Product” or “Business Announcements”). For anyone who has no idea where to begin or needs creative inspiration to get started, the templates are sure to be useful. You also have the option to start from scratch if you’d prefer to take on the design process yourself. To fill in the templates, you can use stock content from Vimeo’s library or import your own footage
  • The editing tools are good, but not perfect. There are many useful features within the Vimeo Create interface, including the ability to add your logo and pick a color scheme, the choice to change whether video clips are muted or not, an easy process for adjusting content sizes and orientations, and access to a stock library that includes both video clips and photos. Despite these options, there are definite limits to how much creative control you have over the end result. For those who are very new to video editing, this might be ideal, but anyone who has a specific end-result in mind might need a more robust set of tools. 
  • A Vimeo Business Plan offers more branding flexibility. In order to add your own brand colors, fonts, taglines, and contact information, you have to upgrade to the business account. With this option, branding your final video is simple, but otherwise, the branding options are pretty limited. 
  • You need a paid plan to download and share your finished video. The CTA on the tool’s landing page is “Try it free,” but trying in this case means playing around with the tool’s capabilities without the option to save or share your content. To add the shareability component, you’ll have to pay $20/month for the Pro plan or $50/month for Vimeo’s Business plan. The ability to test the process first is nice, though—and it makes it possible for people to test out the functionality for their own real-world applications and only purchase if the final video makes the cut. 
  • When it comes to distribution and measurement, Vimeo is a one-stop-shop. When your video is finished and you’re happy with the final product, Vimeo also handles distribution and pushes the content out as native posts across your social feeds. You’ll see all your tracking info in one place, including plays, likes, and comments for Facebook and YouTube and favorites and retweets for Twitter. 

Vimeo Create and why its a useful tool for marketing

Ultimately, Vimeo Create is an interesting offering for the video giant which seems to constantly have to differentiate itself from YouTube. This new development is definitely an opportunity to set Vimeo apart from the competition if it proves effective for users. 

Over the coming months, Vimeo plans to introduce new features for the tool including integrations with platforms like Dropbox and Facebook, more advanced editing options, and richer libraries of templates, stock footage, graphics, and music. Stay tuned to see how the new product works out for Vimeo and whether it eases video production for small businesses!

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam