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Video Landing Pages: Tips for Optimizing Your Conversion Marketing Strategy

October 2, 2023 7 min read321

In the digital age, the way you present information online matters. Consumers won’t settle for just any digital experience—they want unique, engaging touchpoints, especially when they’re gathering information about a potential purchase.

Landing pages are a classic format for sales information, but video landing pages tailor the experience to today’s consumers. So, what exactly are video landing pages? 

What Are Video Landing Pages?

As you might imagine, a video landing page is a landing page that heavily features video content. Some video landing pages only contain video, while others supplement video content with the standard text- and image-based content you’d expect on a traditional landing page.

The ultimate aim? To prompt visitors to take a specific action—whether that’s subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product, or registering for a webinar. Because conversion is the goal, video landing pages are more focused on making a specific pitch than building a long-term relationship.

The video itself is the most essential element on a video landing page, but a clear CTA is also important. Even if consumers watch the full video, they won’t know what to do next if you don’t nudge them in the right direction. A clear CTA ensures that you’re actually capturing all the conversions your video earns you.

With that definition out of the way, let’s take a closer look at why video is so valuable for conversion marketing in the first place. 

The Power of Video in Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing is all about driving your audience to take action. In most cases, that action involves a completed purchase. 

Video is useful for all kinds of marketing goals, but it’s especially effective at pushing consumers through the end of your marketing funnel. The moment of submitting payment can (understandably) take some convincing, and video is the perfect medium to connect with consumers when they’re right on the edge of commitment. 

There are a few reasons for this influence, but at its core, it comes down to video’s ability to provide a richer experience than text or images alone. Whether that helps the consumer connect to your brand, understand what your product or service actually does, or just deliberate a bit longer while the video keeps them on the page, the dynamic nature of video is critical.

Conversion stats back up these claims: 87% of marketers say video content has helped them increase sales, and in a different response, another 87% say it increased dwell time on their website. Both are powerful stats when applied to video landing pages!

3 Benefits of Video Landing Pages

Compared to a traditional text-based landing page, video offers a few specific benefits. Here’s why we like the video versions better:

Simplifying Complex Products or Services

A video can distill complex concepts or demonstrations into a bite-sized, easily digestible format. For example, a quick video presents a better explanation of a tech tool than 500 words of text. For virtually all types of products and services, video leads to greater understanding than text or videos alone. 

Case in point: a whopping 96% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. 

Enhancing the User Experience

With attention spans on the decline, videos offer a quick, engaging way for users to consume content. This leads to longer page visits, lower bounce rates, and a better overall user experience.

Forging Authentic Connections

Last but not least, video allows brands to showcase their human sides. Video content feels more like a real-life connection between the brand and the viewer, which helps build trust and establish a relationship over time. 

Industries That Benefit Most from Video Landing Pages

Since all industries operate a little bit differently, some are more naturally inclined to benefit from video landing pages. We recommend video landing pages for most clients, but if you work in one of these four industries, the video format is likely to pack an extra punch.

Retail and E-Commerce

Product demonstration videos are perfect for e-commerce landing pages. Why? They’re designed to show off the best your product has to offer, highlighting use cases and key features in a brief (and memorable!) format. 

Instead of reading a list of product specs or looking at product photos, a video gives viewers an efficient understanding of whether a product will meet their needs. If it does, they don’t have to waste time on the rest of your page—they can move straight to conversion. 

Real Estate

Real estate lends itself to video landing pages for slightly different reasons. Because real estate is so property-focused, agents can use video landing pages for virtual tours and property walkthroughs. 

Instead of bringing every prospective client to the physical location, the video landing page is the perfect overview for anyone with casual interest. If they like what they see, they can opt to see the property in person without wasting the agent’s time on a mismatched space.

As a result, agents are left with more inquiries from the more engaging property page, and a higher likelihood for clients to close the deal when they do make it to the tour stage.  


Education is one of the most powerful industries for video landing pages. Course content is especially natural to capture on video, and providing clips on a landing page helps prospective students understand if the course is right for them. 

Whether the clip is short and sweet or it serves as a full mini-lesson of its own, the content teaser saves students from committing to a course or instructor that isn’t quite what they’re looking for. Plus, if they get hooked on the mini version of the lesson, they’ll have to convert to pick up where they left off. 

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness companies rely heavily on testimonials, which are even more compelling in video format. When prospective clients are looking for before-and-after content or want to hear someone else’s success story, the video format feels more believable and authentic than static photos or a quick testimonial quote. 

Building that trust with prospective clients is one of the industry’s major hurdles, so it only makes sense to use video for a slight advantage.

Best Practices for Creating Video Landing Pages

Not all videos are designed for conversion, so it’s important to tailor your production to your landing page placement. Here are a few tips to make your video even more effective.

Consistent Messaging

Since your video will sit within the context of a broader landing page, it’s important for the video to play a logical role in the flow of information. For starters, make sure that the key points you make in the video align with the key points you make in the rest of the landing page. The last thing you want is for viewers to be left with conflicting information! 

Then, consider how your video can go above and beyond the context provided on the rest of the page. Since the video itself is likely to get the most engagement, make sure you’re doing it justice!   

Mobile Optimization

Next, make sure both your video and your landing page are optimized for mobile viewing. Within your video, the main thing to watch for is ultra-small on-screen text. What may look reasonable on a desktop can become difficult to read on a mobile device, so when in doubt, stick with large text for your key points. 

For the rest of the landing page, make sure your design is mobile responsive to accommodate a variety of devices and screen sizes. The majority of shoppers include mobile devices in their searches, so mobile users can’t be an afterthought! 

A/B Testing

Finally, remember to treat your video landing page like a work in progress. You can always test different video variations, video lengths, CTAs, landing page designs, and more. As you experiment with the combinations that work best, you’ll continue to optimize your landing page for conversions. The data is your friend! 

Final Thoughts

Video landing pages are here to stay, so if you’re still using the same image-and-text formula for your landing pages, consider this your invitation to give video a try. The more you commit to the process, the more likely you’ll see a boost in your conversions down the line. 

If you need support with your landing page video strategy, we’d love to guide you through the process. Contact us below to get started! 

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