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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Capture Your Next Event on Video

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Event videos can be used before, during, and after an event and should help to capture the heart, feel, and purpose of what you’re doing. From picking the right event management software to setting up, shooting, and breaking down, filming your event has a ton of benefits for your company and your brand. Let’s take a look at just a few!

1. It extends the event.

Capturing your event on video means a couple things. You can use footage from it:

  1. In further communication with the people that attended. This can increase your ROI from the event, depending on your ask.
  2. In your marketing for the next event. People don’t want to imagine what something is like. They want to see it with their own eyes so they know what to expect.

Take for example this tip video we created after a one-night training we held on video marketing.

If sent within an email to the people that attended, they will be reminded of the event, that they did indeed learn some things, and that the had a good time. That reminder, coupled with an ask, is much more likely to get the attendee to do what you want them to do next.

You can also create sizzle reels to share with people that attended, like this one:

After watching this, you can tell a lot about what a similar event might be like. So, if you were deciding whether or not to come to our next event, you would know what the audience demographic was, what you should wear, what to expect in the way of food and drinks, what the caliber of the content is likely to be, and what people at the last event felt about attending. These are exactly the kind of things people are wondering about before an event, so a video with all the answers is marketing gold!

2. It increases your distribution options.

An event is, by its nature, tied to a specific time and place. But video of the event can be placed in a multitude of places. It can live:

  • On your website. Now, visitors can understand what kind of events you put on and what to expect from them.
  • On social media. Did only 100 people attend your event? No worries – now millions can attend through video and the share button.
  • In advertisements. Facebook ads with video tend to perform better than those with just graphics.
  • In emails. Emails the indicate that they include video boost open rates by 19%.

Kill a whole bunch of birds with one stone by creating a video of your event, and dissecting it into sizzle reels, soundbite videos, tip videos, and more.

3. It builds your audiences.

Because your event can now extend past its original time and place, the options for building your audience extends as well: Collect email address using Facebook ads that have video. Send video in the emails to those people. Find new followers by sharing video on social media. Get more business by including video on your website.

Videos should be an important part of your marketing mix, so why not help yourself out by recording your next event?

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