Client Spotlight: The Yogurt Shoppe

Meet Lemonlight client The Yogurt Shoppe!

The Yogurt Shoppe is a locally owned and operated frozen yogurt spot with a simple mission: to create the perfect yogurt experience. Our mission for them: create a brand video that captures that experience and highlights their delicious product. Here’s how we did it:

First, we start with an establishing shot of the Yogurt Shoppe itself as two customers enter. The video follows these characters through their entire buyer’s journey, so the audience can visualize themselves in their shoes, discovering the shop and ordering fro-yo for themselves.  

Making use of animated titles, we quickly get to the point: the toppings! We used a unique filmmaking technique called split-screen editing, which helped us show off the many toppings The Yogurt Shoppe has to offer all at once.

Then, we highlighted the yogurt as the toppings were applied, adding motion to a still shot to make the moment more action-packed.

Finally, using close-ups of spoons digging in and jump cuts of the customers smiling, we end on the pure joy of frozen yogurt with a simple call to action featuring the company’s instagram handle.   

Is your mouth watering yet?

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey