Spotlight on Social: How to Use the Right Lighting

Video marketing is a powerful tool – especially when creating content for social. It’s more captivating than words and images combined, and because most social platforms contain autoplay features, videos now integrate seamlessly with the rest of your viewers’ social feeds.

That being said, you don’t want to use just any old video on your social pages. There’s plenty of low-quality video content that will do more to harm your brand than help it. That’s why you want your videos to look like they have the highest-quality production value as possible.

What can you improve? Start with lighting. Even people unfamiliar to video production know the term lighting and anyone watching a video can tell if something is well lit or not.

The lighting has the power to change the entire look of a video, and if your lighting is poorly put together or inconsistent, viewers will be able to tell – affecting the way they perceive your content.

That doesn’t mean you need a complex or complicated production to have nice lighting. In fact, some of the best marketing videos look like there’s no lighting design at all. Like this social video from Berry Fresh Cafe:

A breakfast and lunch cafe serving Florida’s Treasure Coast, Berry Fresh Cafe used our help to create this 30-second, docu-style social spot to highlight their restaurant’s natural feel. What better than using what already looks like natural lighting?

You can create a similar feeling for your own projects by emulating this natural feel, bouncing natural sunlight onto your subject’s faces in interviews and using color correction in the editing process to match each clip for an overall cohesive look.

For another idea on how to improve your video’s lighting, check out this short spot we created for Buddha Teas and their Matcha Now product:

Utilizing the setting sun during what’s known in the industry as magic hour, our team was able to create beautiful imagery by catching the sun in some of the shots, creating a warm and tranquil environment to highlight one of the company’s signature drinks.

Try similar techniques next time you create a marketing video for Facebook or Instagram to attract new eyes or nurture followers with some beautiful images. By focusing on improving your company’s visual production value by improving your lighting, you can not only save some money, but stand out and maybe even turn an autoplay into an auto-sale!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey