Spotlight on Social: How to Use Product Callouts

When setting out to create a social video, you should always have a strategy and goal in mind. What’s your objective in creating this video? What effect do you want it to have on your audience?

More often than not, whether directly or indirectly, that goal is usually more sales. Which is fine! You are running a business, after all! So when you only have 15 seconds, it’s actually in your best interest to be direct. Your viewers will appreciate it, because they’ll understand right away what you want them to do, and you’ll have a clearer sense of whether or not your video is effective in driving your goal.

In your next social video, consider using a technique known as product callouts to help you get to the point, like in this video we created for Wayfair.

With the goal to attract newcomers to Wayfair’s home goods ecommerce site, we created a series of videos to highlight homes that use Wayfair products in a customer spotlight style. In some videos, we showcased designers or homeowners as they talked about the products, while in the one above, we used product callouts to “call out” the exact names of the items featured.

By using product callouts, we quickly and succinctly showed off Wayfair products in a way that viewers could visualize, while still getting across important product information. The benefit of including callouts is viewers know exactly what you want them to do – and they know exactly how to proceed if they want to do it.

Whether your goal is to attract newcomers to your ecommerce page, or nurture followers into finally buying, think about how you can use product callouts in your own social videos to direct viewers to the information they need to follow through and make a purchase.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey