Client Spotlight: Hyatt Regency

Like it or not, some concepts have negative connotations in the minds of consumers. Think gas station hot dogs, supermarket sushi, any experience at the DMV . . . we assume these things will be unenjoyable, often to the point of universally avoiding them on principle. So, how do you promote these products and experiences in light of public perception? The answer: get creative

This video we created for Hyatt Regency plays on the negative association that people often have with airport hotels. It calls out each assumption in a way that differentiates Hyatt Regency from the “typical” airport hotel stay, all while highlighting the brand’s positive features. 

This accomplishes a couple of things for the brand. First, it captures the audience’s attention with an intriguing start. The first line of dialogue implies that viewers’ expectations might not be accurate, creating an incentive to keep listening to find out why. 

It then acknowledges the consumer pain points that Hyatt Regency is trying to dispel. The benefit here is that the brand feels more accessible by relating to the opinions viewers might already hold. 

Finally, it reframes the conversation by offering a counterpoint for each perceived stereotype. The video proves that guests can enjoy the convenience of being close to the airport without sacrificing the great food, amenities, or experiences that they’ve come to expect from the Hyatt Regency brand. That’s the power of video content. See for yourself below!


Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam