Why Lemonlight?

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Video content is important for your business. Even more important? Good video content.

We believe that Lemonlight is the best place to get quality videos that showcase your brand, product, or service, and we want to share a few reasons why we think so.

We’re experts.

We may have only been a company for three years, but we’ve created over 4,000 videos in that time. And that’s just under the Lemonlight umbrella. We hire quality, creative professionals that have years of experience making amazing videos.

We’re fun to work with.

The video speaks for itself. Look how fun Charlotte is! We have other fun employees too. Check out our brand video to get a taste of what we’re like.

We’re nationwide.

Never fear, Lemonlight is here! Whether you’re in Big City, California or Small Town, Rhode Island, we have experienced professionals ready to meet with you. You don’t have to travel or settle for a sub-par video.

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We’re trained.

We’re able to meet with you because of our network of experienced producers, directors, camera operators, editors, and creative types. All of them have been heavily vetted and trained, so you can expect high-quality video every time.

You own it.

This is so important! So many companies create a video for you, but retain the rights to it, which puts a damper on when and where you can use it. When you work with Lemonlight, the video is all yours to do with as you please!

Our clients are happy.

We have a 99% happiness rate. Do you know who else has a rating that high? Neither do we! Don’t believe me? Check out this rave review from a client! 


We work with business of all shapes and sizes.

You don’t have to be a corporate conglomerate to have quality videos. We work with solo entrepreneurs, gyms, schools, nonprofits, tech companies, food and beverage makers, appliance companies, restaurants, bars, funeral homes, theaters, martial arts studios, hotels, sports facilities, doctor’s offices, farms, fashion companies, dance studios, …and on and on!

We’ll help you drive business.

We don’t leave you hanging. If you need help figuring out how to distribute the video or using it to increase sales, we’re here for you!

We’re affordable.

As technology has changed, making videos has become more affordable. Unfortunately, many companies still charge an arm and a leg for something that just doesn’t cost that much to make anymore. Our mission is to create quality, affordable videos, with quality and affordability being equally important to us!

We’re ready!

We’re available to get started today! Give us a call to learn more about what we can create for you.

Rachel Carmichael

Rachel Carmichael