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Why Do I Need a Video?

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You’re starting to see video marketing everywhere – on Facebook, Google ads, and even Snapchat. It seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon – but the first question you need to ask yourself is, why? Why do I need a video? Well, at Lemonlight, we believe in the power of video marketing and we want to help you understand how it can be used for your business!

First, you need to ask yourself, why do people need your company? What services are you providing that fill a void and fulfill needs in the community? You want people to know you and your brand, but no one has time to scroll through pages and pages of website copy to learn more about you and your company! A video, however? Easy! Easy to digest, easy to understand, and easily engaging.

Let’s say you are a restaurant owner. People reading about your food on a website will not do the trick. You need to SHOW them why they should dine with you over your competitors! Who doesn’t enjoy viewing scenes of delicious food on screen? Check out the video below that we made for Vito’s Pizzeria: 

We combined engaging imagery with shots of delicious food that were certain to leave viewers hungry and wanting to try the dishes! We were able to simultaneously educate and entertain the viewers, and expose them to a brand that they may not have previously known before. However, restaurants are not the only places that would surely benefit from having a video. 

Maybe you’re introducing a new product to the market. Great! Use video to show people how to use it! Video gives people the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Appeal to the visual learner – through video you are able to both introduce and explain your product or service, while keeping it short and sweet! The second someone becomes bored, you lose them as a potential customer! Make sure you give them information that is quick, easy to digest, and above all, entertaining! Video helps you stay up to date with what is happening now. No one has the time to dig for information about a business! So, make something that fits perfectly in their schedule – a video!

Want to add even more value to your videos? Then you must harness the power of testimonials! People connect with other people, and seeing other satisfied customers will surely garner the sense of trust needed to drive new business straight to you. Make sure the word spreads about your business – people will want to try your product, food or service if they see that others have tried it and are satisfied! Reading through testimonials is one thing, and can definitely become boring. But seeing people on screen who are happy with the decision they made to come to you – that’s priceless! At Lemonlight, we make testimonial videos for companies who want to share personal testaments with viewers. Check out the one for Yoga Palm Beach below!

We are happy to show you why you need a video for your business! We truly believe in the power of video marketing and can bring your company to the next level!

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