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What Makes a Great Holiday Commercial?

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Everyone loves a great holiday commercial. We’ve all seen the incredibly touching, and often times admittedly tear-jerking, Mother’s Day commercials that begin to circulate the Internet this time of year. While many holiday commercials leave lasting impressions on their audience, quite a few miss the mark.

For most businesses, holidays provide an opportunity to produce creative, heart-felt commercials that allow them to make personal connections with their audience. However, every year as holidays approach, many businesses begin asking themselves difficult questions about their holiday commercials: Will our video stand out? Is our messaging strong enough? When is the right time to market our video? Will this method of branding be effective? We’ve come up with a list of 4 tips to make sure your holiday commercials are effective.

1. Form a Branding Strategy

Portraying your business as a fun, creative, and personable organization will encourage more viewers to become customers. Come up with a strategy that allows your business’s brand to show through clearly in the midst of all the holiday frenzy. You may even want to create a commercial that includes your employees and showcases their personalities.

2. Publish Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to post your holiday commercials. Begin rolling out your holiday campaigns one to two weeks before the actual holiday. On the other hand, you never want to publish your holiday content too early. Over exploiting holiday content can be a turnoff to both existing and potential customers.

3. Use Common Holiday Themes

Audiences love being able to relate and connect to holiday commercials. Focus on common holiday themes – family, food, quality time, well-known holiday songs, and recognizable holiday imagery. Don’t be afraid to incorporate common holiday traditions. There’s no better emotion to appeal to during the holidays than nostalgia!

4. Maximize Your Reach

In addition to posting your videos on your website, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most effective places to communicate with your audience. Social media was built for crazy holiday seasons!

It’s quick, to the point, and easily shareable.

Here’s a great example of a fun video we produced last year for the winter holiday season!


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