What are Brand Videos and Product Videos?

Video marketing can feel like a different world, and making a commercial (online or not) can seem daunting. Do you want a brand video or product video? What’s the difference between pre-roll and a commercial? It’s enough to make you scream “I just want a video!!”

While all video content is awesome, not all videos are created equal. Here, we give a rundown of two key options that are open to you as you start exploring the role of video marketing in your business.

What is a brand video?

A brand video is a video that focuses on your company’s story. Who are you, and why did you start your business? What does your company stand for? What is your mission?

A brand video looks at the big picture and provides the viewer with a sense of your company’s values. If you have a website, this is the kind of video you could put on the homepage or “About” page. On a video marketing level, you are introducing yourself to your customers, which provides the foundation for a strong relationship. Strong relationships lead to return customers.

A brand video is not a product commercial. It doesn’t try to sell any single item, list product offerings, or share specific details about what you sell. Think of a brand video like a mission statement. Menus, services, schedules, and products may change. The reason why you started your business, however, will not. A brand video aims to capture that reason.

What is a product video?

A product video tells your customers about a specific product offered by your business, whether that’s an item on the menu, a unique workout approach, or a yoga class offering. In the video marketing progression, a product video answers, in clear detail, what your customer can get from your business.

Unlike a brand video, the product video is less interested in the story behind your business. It might have undertones that hint at what your company stands for or how you got started, but the intention is more about convincing customers to buy what you’re selling than it is about sharing who you are.

Keep an eye on our future blog content where we’ll unpack more video marketing terms and what they mean for your business!