Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video

In 2020, video advertising is everywhere. It’s all over your phone, your TV, your local billboards and bus displays, and practically anywhere else where it’s physically possible to upgrade from static to dynamic content.

If you want to reach people today, you have to deliver your message in a way that’s fun, informative and visually interesting, and video reaches people in a way no other medium can. Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons why you need a video to promote your business, product, or website.

1. Video is Educational

If you want to teach people something, video is often your best tool. With videos, you can explain, educate and entertain all at once. If you’re explaining something more complicated, video is a great way to capture interest and keep people focused while you go over the details. It also allows you to combine both visual cues and audio messaging to get your point across, capturing visual and auditory learners and doubling down on the message you’re trying to get across.

2. Videos Are Easy to Share

You’ve probably seen too many viral videos to count over the past days and weeks. What could a viral video do for your business? Even if your video doesn’t go ultra viral, it’s still possible to generate more buzz around your content with a video than it typically is for written content or static imagery. This is largely due to the fact that video is incredibly easy to share, and most distribution platforms make it simple to share video content that originated elsewhere. If you need your content to spread quickly and reliably, video is likely your best bet.

3. Videos Rank Well in Search Engines

It’s not enough just to publish something online—people have to be able to find it! Google and other search engines consider videos to be highly relevant, meaning they’re typically easier to rank than other articles or plain blog posts. Consider adding a video to an existing blog page that you think should be doing better, and see how it impacts your organic traffic. We did this for one of our popular blog pages, and it jumped to the first few slots on Google’s results pages in a matter of days. The bottom line? Video really works for SEO!

4. Your Competitors Are Using Video

Your competition is using video, so you should be as well. Don’t let them capitalize on the benefits of video and leave you behind! On the off chance that your competitors haven’t gotten on board with video content yet either, being the first to adopt video into your marketing strategy is a great way to differentiate your brand.

5. Video is Popular

Everyone loves video nowadays. That’s why YouTube alone has billions of views per day. This makes video a natural way to reach your audience. In one study, people shared that they actually wanted brands to create more video content as opposed to text posts or images. It’s simple—give the people what they want!

6. Videos are Mobile Friendly

See all those people everywhere on their tablets and smartphones? Many of them are watching videos. What’s more, recent research shows that the customer buying journey is increasingly favoring mobile devices. [Learn more about that here.] People use their smartphones to browse products, gather information, decide which stores to visit, or even finalize a purchase without making a single click on a desktop or setting foot in a store. Use videos on mobile platforms to capture this audience while they’re already considering making a purchase.

7. Video is Cost-Effective

As a marketer, you always want a promotional strategy that’s affordable as well as effective. Nowadays, you don’t need a huge budget to launch a professional video marketing campaign. You can film a basic video on your smartphone with no fancy equipment and still reap the benefits. Plus, once your video is created, it can be shared on multiple platforms—including your own website, YouTube and other video sharing sites.

8. Video Adds a Personal Touch

With video, you have a chance to get personal and put a face behind your brand. This authenticity goes a long way with consumers, and you have a chance to build a personal relationship rather than just selling something. As video tools become more robust, the ability to personalize content at scale is becoming even more powerful. Definitely keep an eye on this trend in the coming months and years.

9. Videos Are Permanent

Once your video is online, it’s there forever. People searching for relevant terms can find your video months or even years from now. Making a video now isn’t just a short-term measure—it can really impact the long-term success of your brand.

10. Results are Measurable

How can you be sure that your business strategies are really working? The only way to know is to measure your results. With today’s analytics tools, it’s easy to track the effectiveness of your videos. You can see how many views you get, of course, but metrics are becoming even more modular. Many platforms make it possible to see the exact moment someone stopped watching your video, giving you valuable insight into how you can make your content more effective and what people want to see.

When you’re ready to get started, contact us and we can help you produce and distribute the perfect video for your business!

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam