Is Distribution as Important as Content?

Are Content and Distribution Created Equal?

You’ve got killer content; your branding is right on target, your message is memorable and your team is ecstatic about this fresh direction. What could be possibly be missing from your marketing mix?

If you guessed strategic distribution, you are correct! No matter how compelling your advertising may be, it must reach the right audience to produce the desired results for your business.

In a recent Business Insider article, Is Content King? Then Distribution Is Crown Prince, Keith Richman argues that online “distribution matters significantly.” He describes content distribution today as both an art and a science. He goes on to say that several elements must present in an effective digital approach, including search engine optimization (SEO), a social media plan, and creative that’s tailored specifically to an online audience.

So, Where Should I Distribute My Content?

With so many possibilities online, are you wondering which platforms belong in your video marketing strategy? Let our Lemonlight team come to the rescue! We live and breathe online distribution and get fired up about producing branded video content customized for your target audience. Speaking of reaching your core consumer, we target by age, income, gender and over 200 interest points. There has never been a more exciting time to advertise online!

Now I’m Excited. How Can I Start Successful Content Distribution?

Highly trained in SEO, video marketing and content distribution with an endless amount of tools at our fingertips, we make sure your message reaches your ideal market. Let us help you build long-lasting relationships with customers and get the conversation started!