Crew Spotlight: Nick Betancurt, Director and Cinematographer

At Lemonlight, we pride ourselves on establishing a culture that appreciates employees and empowers them to produce their best work. When team members are given the proper tools to succeed individually, they’re more likely to be productive and committed to the company’s success as a whole. They’re also more likely to stay at the company longer: a win-win for both parties.

We certainly feel that way when it comes to Nick Betancurt, who’s been under the Lemonlight umbrella for seven years now. Nick, Director and Cinematographer, is one of the people responsible for the overall look and feel of our productions, creating a visual style that matches the tone and story of the script. We recently sat down with him to talk about his time working at Lemonlight, discussing everything from his favorite project to his favorite “crew meal.” Check out the full spotlight below:

How many years have you worked with Lemonlight?

About seven years on and off. Here in LA for about two years.

Favorite project at Lemonlight?

SISU Athletic Mouth Guards. That one had super strong creative going into it and we were able to dive in head first at the prepro stage to set ourselves up for success on the shoot day. I’m really happy with how it turned out and hope to have more projects like that in the future.

Best part about working with Lemonlight?

The best part is also the part that makes it the most challenging (in a good way): the volume of work. We have so many video projects going on that we’re always able to challenge ourselves and grow our creative skills.

Why do you love the Video Production Industry?

Every project is a completely new adventure. Working with a wide variety of clients means you’re always using your skills to solve new and exciting problems. And at the end of the day, we get to tell stories and “make believe” for a living. 

Favorite crew meal? 

Not a specific meal, but one time due to a delivery issue, we had lunch brought to us three different times throughout the day. The crew was happy.

Advice for those just starting in the industry?

There are tons of resources (mostly free) out there to learn whatever you want about video production. I’m subscribed to many different YouTube channels that keep me up to date on new techniques and new technologies in the industry. As much as you can, get out there and shoot stuff because it’s the best way to learn. Be a nice person. 

Isaiah Shelton

Isaiah Shelton