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Crew Spotlight: Gustavo (Gus) Chacón, Grip

June 13, 2023 1 min read49

Grips play a pivotal role in the production process, but aren’t always the first people you hear about when it comes to dishing out credit. What exactly do they do? They’re responsible for setting up and maintaining the equipment and tools that bring the director’s vision to life. From rigging lights and cameras to ensuring the stability of the shots, grips are the backbone of any video production set. Their expertise and attention to detail are crucial in creating visually captivating content.

Today, we have the privilege of interviewing Gus Chacón, a grip who has made significant contributions in his relatively short time working with Lemonlight. Join us as we delve into his experiences, insights, and the invaluable lessons he has learned along the way:

How many years have you worked with Lemonlight?

I’ve been working with Lemonlight since November 2022. So, it’s going on one year.

What’s been your favorite project at Lemonlight?

Getting to work on Proctor & Gamble was pretty special because I got to see how a product, that my family has been using for years, was made.

What’s the best part about working with Lemonlight?

The best part about working with Lemonlight is how sharp everyone is. From the producers to the project coordinators to the contractors they hire, everyone is someone to learn from.

Why do you love the video production industry?

I believe video is one of the most powerful mediums to share messages and ideas.

What’s your favorite crew meal? 

Mendocino Farms sandwiches are so good!

Do you have advice for those just starting in the industry?

Do the best work you possibly can and the opportunities will align with you.

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