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Crew Spotlight: Bowen Moreno, Director of Photography

April 16, 2024 2 min read72
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In our latest Crew Spotlight, Bowen Moreno opens up about his journey in the video production industry, emphasizing the blend of technical mastery and artistic flair that his role demands. From mastering complex camera setups to fostering dynamic collaborations on set, his work epitomizes the heart of storytelling at Lemonlight.

Check out the interview below as Bowen shares his experiences on projects that have pushed his creative boundaries and how Lemonlight’s culture of collaboration has refined his approach to bringing visions to life.

How long have you worked with Lemonlight?

I have been working alongside Lemonlight for over two years now.

What’s been your favorite project at Lemonlight? 

My favorite project is probably U Brands or the SISU Mouth Guards spot!

Why do you love the video production industry?

Where do I begin! I guess I’ll talk more specifically about cinematography here, but I love the collaboration between my teammates and the camaraderie on set. I love that cinematography allows me to work with my hands to physically manipulate the image that we are getting on camera. One of my favorite parts about this art form is that the industry is always changing, which means there is always something new to learn. 

How has working at Lemonlight influenced or shaped your approach to video production overall?

Lemonlight has given me the opportunity to work with many different directors and producers. Each of these talented people have their own set of strengths and it allows me to take the time to learn how to adapt my shooting style so I can bring their vision to life. Lemonlight has been a place where I have learned to become confident about the decisions I’m making on set.

Can you share a project that challenged your creativity or pushed you outside your comfort zone, and how did you rise to the occasion?

Recently, we did a spot for U Brands that had a ton of different setups in one day. I have been working really hard on efficiency this last year, and I think this spot really shows that all come together. Creatively, it was fun to push the boundaries a little bit. We had some 360 barrel roll shots, probe lens (macro shots), and dolly work all in the same day. I had to really think about how to approach this so the shots would look excellent while still making our day. I ended up having a conversation with my 1st AC, Brandon, so we could set up a camera rig that could easily swap between these setups. I was also able to utilize some of the features of a camera that I’ve been really stoked on recently (Sony FX3),  so we wouldn’t have to do a ton of relighting between looks.

What do you believe sets Lemonlight apart from other video production companies, and how does that influence your work?

I say it all the time, but I really believe that the people who work with Lemonlight are awesome. I have had some fantastic memories on set with my crew and the internal staff is fantastic, as well. Lemonlight is really good about pairing the right creative teams together and I think it lends itself to some amazing collaborations. I love walking away from a project knowing that I gave it 100%, and it’s even better knowing that the directors, producers, and clients can feel that effort in the final product!

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