Client Spotlight: Little Red Feather

Meet Lemonlight client Little Red Feather!

Little Red Feather Racing is a thoroughbred racing partnership and syndicate with over 300 active partners and 40 horses. Recently, they ran a crowdfunding campaign to share stakes in their horses with the general public. We created this video as a thank you “year in review” style video for those crowd-owners. Check out how we translated LRF’s appreciation and mission into one beautiful video.

Off to a Slow (Mo) Start: While LRF would never want their horses to start this slow, we open with slow motion imagery of horses at the races, immediately setting the tone of strength and grace.

Visualizing Victory: At 0:08, we use graphics to visually represent each and every one of LRF’s wins, animating them to pop up one by one to emphasize their success.

Bring in the Background: At 0:17, we layer in some background sounds underneath the music track, like the racing bugle, crowd, and announcer’s vocals, to convey the feeling of being at the races.

Show While You Tell: While our title cards share how LRF used their earnings to benefit the industry, we use close-ups of hooves and trainers cleaning horses to convey the importance of the stars of the show – the horses and their dedicated trainers. This beautiful imagery conveys more with less.  

Saying ‘Thank You’ Never Goes Out of Style: We end the video on a simple “Thank You” title card, reminding partners that they made it all possible. Short, simple, and sweet!