Client Spotlight: Gillette

If you’ve watched any videos online lately, you may have noticed that most video content has one thing in common: it’s short. With psychologists and marketers alike pointing out the impact of our short attention spans on the way we digest content, it’s no surprise that many companies are scaling back their content and only putting out short-form videos. 

While short-form video has its place, long-form video does too. The Internet is full of generalizations like “no one will watch a video that’s more than two minutes long,” which can be true in some cases, but becomes dangerous as a sweeping claim. 

Thankfully, these generalizations are just not true in every scenario. Long-form video content can be a critical tool for storytelling, providing more time with which to build a narrative and develop emotional connections in the minds of viewers. It’s also an asset for informative content, where a thirty-second spot couldn’t possibly get across enough information for consumers to know how to move forward. 

This video for our client Gillette is a great example of an effective long-form video. One key element that makes it successful is that the extra length enhances the message of the content rather than detracting from it. 

Having almost three minutes’ worth of content makes it possible to give supplemental information, like the science behind the creation of the razor, the key benefits of the product’s differentiating factors, and the credibility of the company in the form of past accolades. These details simply wouldn’t fit into a shorter clip, but they contribute to a more comprehensive, multidimensional understanding of the razor Gillette is offering. 

Check it out yourself below, and consider making long-form content next time you need a video. It may not be the right approach for every scenario, but it’s certainly an option that has earned its place in an overall video marketing strategy. 

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam