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Client Spotlight: Clim8

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Meet Lemonlight client Clim8!

Clim8 is a tech company that specializes in intelligent thermal clothing that uses tiny thermal sensors to monitor, analyze, react to and regulate your skin’s temperature. We wanted Clim8’s video to be as spectacular as their technology, so take a look at how we made a video as cool as this cooling tech!

Build anticipation with title cards. We build anticipation at the top of the video through the use of title cards, switching up the text and background colors of each card while adding effects to make them pop.

Bring tech to life with visual overlays. From 0:35-0:47, we use visual overlays of the company’s app over live action footage to show the insight Clim8 wearers receive when they wear the company’s intelligent thermal clothing.

Use slow-mo to keep your VFX shots looking cool. Since this video uses a lot of visual effects, we used slow motion at 0:58 and 1:15 to keep the footage feeling alive and active, without distracting from the visual effects that are telling the audience how the app works (not to mention extending the length of the clip!)

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