5 Ways to Turn Your Beauty Business into a Beautiful Video

We work with so many amazing organizations in different industries and fields. It’s inspiring to see all sorts of businesses use the power of video to their benefit. No matter what type of company you are or what field you work in, you have a story to tell.

One industry that has a lot to show off with video is the beauty industry. Whether you’re a beauty products company, a boutique salon, or cosmetic treatment center, video can be one of your strongest marketing assets – especially when it comes to strutting your stuff.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some fabulous beauty industry companies and have collected a handful of our favorite videos, along with the strategies behind them, that you can replicate for your own beauty company.

Check them out!

BLONDE / BLOND is Los Angeles’ first and only all-blonde color salon. We worked with them to create a series of social content videos to capture snapshots of what it’s like to get your hair done at the salon, helping to nurture followers into customers.

Ranging in length from nine to 19 seconds, the trick with social content videos is staying top of mind. With everything else competing for your customers’ attentions online, your social videos need to be short, snappy, and eye-catching. If you can grab ahold of them even for a few seconds, you’ll be able to subtly remind them how badly they’ve been wanting to get their roots colored again – and they may just book an appointment then and there.

Milano Collection Wigs is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of high-quality European hair wigs. We worked with them to attract new audiences and engage with first-time web visitors using video. This brand video tells the company’s story in a compelling and informative way by using a docu-style technique to maximize online engagement.

You can create a similar docu-style brand video to tell your own company’s mission in an authentic way. Interview your CEO or company founder about why they chose to create this business. Why is it important? What makes them most passionate about their business?

Leo’s Barbershop is where the best barbers work – that’s their awesome mantra, and it fits. We worked with them to create a couple of videos to better attract and engage more customers. Specifically, we created this commercial to spread buzz with online advertising.

Sometimes you just need to pique your audience’s interest with a short, snappy commercial spot. Watch how Leo’s comes out swinging by standing up for their barber shop’s individuality and diversity in a sea of franchise pop-up shops. They highlight what they can offer and why they’re different – and, oftentimes, that’s all you need to encourage a user to find out more.

Filiz Hair Design is an eco-friendly salon with a mission to maintain the beauty and integrity of their clients’ hair by providing top-quality service, and eco-conscious salon practices. We worked with them to create this compelling brand video with a twist – it doubles as a testimonial by featuring interviews from actual salon customers.

You can easily recreate a similarly effective brand video by recruiting some of your most outgoing regulars to come in and be interviewed during one of your shoot days. If you run a salon like Filiz, it doesn’t hurt to also capture their haircut in action to really seal the deal.

My Houston Surgeons is a board certified group of surgeons specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and sinus surgery. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them long term, creating a series of videos with different goals. We wanted to share this one because of its unique premise: it’s technically a customer spotlight dressed up as an employee spotlight (and vice versa).

As you’ll see, the video features a former patient sharing her thoughts about her specific surgeon – speaking from her own experience and highlighting not just the organization, but the individual.

Think about how you could similarly highlight your own staff by bringing in their favorite customers to gloat over why they love coming back!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey