What are Commercials and Instructional Videos?

With so many types of marketing videos to choose from, occasionally, the differences can become unclear. What really is a commercial? What separates a how-to video from a crowdfunding video? Thankfully, we have experience with getting to the heart of what makes each of these videos unique. Here, we explored brand videos and product videos, two key options open to you as you start exploring the role of video marketing in your business. In this article, we cover two more options in the video marketing toolbox: commercials and instructional videos.

What is a commercial?

While a commercial can cover a wider range of objectives, its defining factor is information. The viewer should learn something specific about your business by the end of a commercial, whether its a promotion you’re offering, a new class on the schedule, or an upcoming event. Commercials are time-sensitive. As a video marketing tool, a commercial’s goal is to get the customer to your business within a specific time frame.

A commercial should not be generic and replayed over time. You will likely need new commercial content regularly depending on the services you offer. Even if your business has maintained a consistent mission statement and a regular rotation of products, switching up the schedule keeps customers engaged, and a commercial keeps them informed.

What is an instructional video?

Instructional videos establish your business as an expert in the field. You can see them in the beauty, fitness, culinary, and DIY industries in particular. In essence, an instructional video teaches the viewer how to do something. It’s like offering a free lesson, and who doesn’t love free?

When it comes to video marketing, instructional videos capture traffic from the millions of people who go online in order to find an answer to a problem. Be the first to provide them a solution, and you will forever be the hand who helped them in a time of need—which is great for building trust, expertise, and a long-term relationship.

Despite what “video marketing” would imply, an instructional video is not for explicitly selling a product. Instructional videos shy away from the hard sell. You want to build trust, not come across as self-interested or money hungry. Leave the selling to the commercials and product videos.

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