Film and Video Editor

Inglewood, CA and Remote

Lemonlight Media, Inc. seeks Film and Video Editor.

Bachelors degree in Film or related field required.  Must have 6 months of experience in any job title
involving film or video editing, including freelance work.

Job duties:
1. Receive and organize new footage from finished productions;
2. Use programs in the Adobe cloud to create videos that match the clients requests;
3. Creating videos by trimming footage segments and compiling sequence to create finished products
using editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro;
4. Create rough cuts of video and determine the exact for the final stages;
5. Review assembled videos to ensure logical sequencing and smooth running of videos;
6. Create advanced graphics and animate these on top of video in Adobe After Effects to create more
compelling content.

Worksite: Inglewood, CA
Mail resumes to: Lemonlight Media, Inc. Attn: Hope Horner, 226 South Glasgow Avenue, Inglewood,
CA 90301