Spotlight on Social: Capturing Attention with a Video Series

When using video as part of your marketing strategy, sharing your videos on social media is one of your best avenues for a good return-on-investment.

While Instagram is the social media darling of 2018, there’s still a lot of value in promoting your social video content on Facebook – especially if you’re looking to launch something a bit more creative and fun, like a video series.

A video series takes a single idea and plays out different scenarios as part of the same concept – think of it like a series of shorts with the same idea, or like an ad campaign featuring the same iconic characters, like the Geico Gecko or Flo from Progressive.

Plus, where a one-off marketing video might temporarily get your followers’ attention, a video series is a great way to hook Facebook scrollers and keep them coming back for more content from you.

Here’s a simple and easily replicable example for you:

We created this video series for our client BurgerFi as a fun way of showing off their signature burgers. Using the slogan “Meat the CEO,” we created a character to play the BurgerFi CEO across a series of videos as he interviews candidates for the position of “perfect burger.”

In rectangle format, these videos are optimized for Facebook or Twitter, and are great for attracting new customers hooked by the funny concept, or nurturing followers and fans with a series of fun reminders of why they like your brand.

Think about one of your company’s unique qualities that you can create a video series around, and a creative character or concept that’ll hook your follower’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

For a master-cut of the whole series, check out the video below:

A video series like the above is easy to set up, and is often very cost-effective because you can re-use the same locations and characters for multiple videos. If you’re interested in giving one a shot, give us a call! We can work together to create an effective concept to win over Facebook followers with a series of quick and fun social videos!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey