Spotlight on Social: Animated Videos for Instagram

When you think about video marketing, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? If it’s an epic, Super Bowl-style ad of a Ferrari cruising along a mountain vista in the snow being driven by Matthew McConaughey, you’re probably thinking too big.

As fun and flashy as the big budget commercials can be, most of what ends up making or breaking a company’s most effective, powerful video marketing are simple 10- to 15-second videos shared over social media.

Here’s a great example of an easily-replicated social video you can recreate for your own company:

We created this simple animation for our client Home Chef to show a direct comparison between them and one of their closest competitors. Animations can be great picks for social videos, because they’re relatively easy to re-create and don’t require setting up a full production day. Plus, using simplified iconography is great for making a simple (but effective) point.

As a square format, this video is optimized for Instagram, and could be great for attracting new customers as a paid promotion, engaging with followers to incentivize them to check out the link in the bio, or nurturing first time customers into finally placing an order.

Think about what type of message you can use an animated video to convey to capture your audience’s attention and convert a scroll into a click-through!

And if you don’t know a fast, efficient, and high quality animation team, schedule a call with our team! We can definitely hook you up with a short and effective series of animated social videos to jumpstart your video marketing – no McConaughey required!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey