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Video Marketing is now the most effective form of digital advertising in the world.

We work with you to craft the perfect video that represents your product or service. We take care of everything, including scripting, casting, and location scouting in order to perfectly execute your production. You can use this video on your website, social media channels, and email marketing to catch the eye of your customers.

We turn your video into an advertisement and distribute it using sophisticated digital marketing strategies. We will generate thousands of views for your ad. Only people that are in your area and interested in your industry will see your ad, which increases the likelihood of that person becoming a customer.

Video Production in San Diego

Lemonlight is a San Diego, CA video production, marketing, and distribution services company with a proven record of success and over 2,000 happy clients. With over 2,500 videos produced in the last two years, we have a wealth of experience as a video production company. Whether you’re looking for a brand video to show off your business, an explainer video to make a product more accessible to your target audience, or you’re simply looking for the best production company in San Diego – you’re in the right place!

We love living and working in San Diego and we want to provide nothing other than the best production services available in the area. As members of the community ourselves, we derive nothing but joy from helping other local businesses grow and succeed through the application of tailor-made video marketing tactics. Our crews work directly with you so that we tell your story the way that you want it to be told. Lemonlight Media delivers nothing other than the highest quality video production services at the best prices you’ll find anywhere in Washington metropolitan area.

A well-scripted, professionally produced piece of video content is one of the most effective branding and marketing tools that any company can have in their arsenal. Are you familiar with the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. When it comes to corporate video production, we’re confident that you won’t find anyone more qualified than Lemonlight Media.

We bring together concise storytelling, professional film production, expert post production editing, and supercharged video marketing to help you make the most out of your marketing message. Our videos will directly engage your target audience and keep them engaged long enough for your message to sink in. In the era of 8-second attention spans, it’s miraculous how a well produced video can be recalled by 80% of potential customers up to 30 days after viewing the content.

Whatever your production needs entail, Lemonlight Media is here to take on the challenge.

Video Advertising in San Diego, CA

Video advertising is now reigns uncontested as the most powerful form of digital marketing available. During the content marketing boom of the last few years it was nearly inevitable that video would conquer images and text as the most effective form of online marketing. There’s simply so much that a video can do to attract and retain customer attention while also increasing brand awareness. Whether your brand is a political campaign or a brick and mortar business, we’ve executed many impactful video marketing campaigns throughout San Diego, CA.

After helping you determine the perfect type of video for your marketing message, it’s time for us to being planning how we will distribute this video to your target audience. After all, how good can a video be if nobody ever sees it? Are you trying to target local customers, or just increase brand awareness through your Youtube Channel? Once we determine your needs we can begin crafting the perfect video marketing solution for you.

Video Production In San Diego, CA

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Brand videos are one to two minutes long and seek to express the essence of your business while retaining the attention of potential customers. Feature your video on your website, social media channels, or even in your email marketing efforts to build customer-brand trust and increase your conversion rates.


PreRoll commercials are now dominating the digital marketing scene. These thirty-second commercials help to quickly engage your customers by using a clear call to action. PreRoll ads are the modern equivalent to the TV commercials we see everyday, except by placing them online, we can hyper-target your customer.


Struggling to convert your social media following into actual customers? Maybe it’s time for you to look into having a social media video made. These quick, ten second clips are optimized to grab the attention of your audience and maximize organic growth through sharing. People are 92% more likely to watch a video than read text.


Are you looking to advertise to a specific audience, in a specific location? Lemonlight Media is ready to help you reach every one of those customers. We’ll distribute your commercial directly to your target audience by focusing in on geographical location, demographic segmentation, and over 2,000 other qualifying details and interest points.

Social Media Management

We all know social media is an important part of running a modern business, but who has time for all that posting? Well, we do. Our social media campaigns will help you achieve a positive ROI through social media, even on a small business budget. We’ll help you build an audience, engage them, and drive them towards conversions.


At Lemonlight, each website is specially crafted for each client and their customers. This modern, sleek web design will easily transfer across mobile and tablets, while featuring your beautiful brand video and HD imagery. Your clients will intuitively know how to reach you after visiting your custom website designed for engagement.

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