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Video Marketing for Real Estate: What YOU Need to Know

No matter who you’re selling to, one thing ties all your customers and potential customers together: their attraction to video.

Video is a powerful tool in every marketer’s tool belt – and if you’re in the real estate game, you’re definitely a marketer, whether you realize it or not. Your job is selling and selling means making people want to buy. (Hint: that’s exactly what marketing is about!)

So how exactly can you use video to stand out from the crowd?

If you’re anxious to see how video can help you drive more purchases, we’re breaking down exactly how they can make a difference, giving you the information you need to help you get started.

Use video to show off property in the most attractive way.

Want beautiful aerial views of the property you’re listing? Want to document the awesome spiral staircase, the lovely furniture, or the wall accents? Nothing does this better than video.

Think of it this way: video can work as a permanent open house for any property you’re trying to sell. Set up your decor, set the perfect lighting, make the space inviting and warm, and film it! You’ll capture the space as it should be captured, without having to worry about daily upkeep.

Reach your customers digitally, where they spend their time.

The truth is, people’s browsing behavior is changing. People once went directly to local newspapers or magazines to search for listings in their neighborhood; now, they spend most of their time searching via Google, social media, recommended agency websites, and more – all online.

If you want to reach these users, you’ve got to use video. Besides video being the most engaged with type of content online, video is also being prioritized by digital algorithms, like social channels including Facebook and Instagram, and search engines like Bing and Google. That means if you’re not using videos to reach your audience on these channels, your competition is.

Start conversations with your customers directly.

The beauty of video is in how it facilitates the understanding and communication of information.

The information you give in a video is just more likely to stick with users, igniting conversations and sparking their curiosity. Asking questions in your video, for instance, or even answering questions in first person is an excellent way to engage with your audience directly.

Start by addressing some of the most common questions you receive. Use your video to talk about the property’s size, price, history, number of bedrooms – you name it. Then, upload these videos to the channels where you’re most likely to reach your audience.

Add video to your website, promote it on social media, and more.

Another great thing about video? You can use it almost anywhere online to drive user interest.


Use your real estate video anywhere and everywhere you can on your website – your homepage, your listings section, your About Us section, and more. Depending on the amount of property you’re selling, you might consider creating a video for each of your properties, or focusing on a few that are your biggest drivers of purchase inquiries. You can also create a video about your company as a whole, or individual videos to introduce users to their real estate agent.

Social Media

Your biggest number of client referrals is likely coming from some form of social media. Consider posting your video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any real estate forums or organizations you or your company are active in. Though shorter formats are usually optimal here, you might get away with posting a slightly longer video if it provides informative value.


Do you have a list of people who’ve shown interest in buying property? You likely have a segmented email database; tap this database and send them regular video updates about new property that’s hit the market or property that specifically fits their interests. Communicating directly to segmented lists is one of the highest revenue drivers for most companies with an online presence – don’t neglect it!


SMS marketing is a tough nut to crack, but with impressive results, it’s becoming a must for B2C companies. Branded SMS messages boast open rates of over 82 percent – that’s an enormous opportunity to reach your potential customers directly and ensure they get your message. Plus, with video, you’re more likely to catch their attention and engage them – a total win-win.

Get to know your real estate company and agent personally.

So often, clients just don’t know what they’re looking for. They know they want to invest in their very own property, but have no idea what they can afford, what they want, or where they should begin looking. If that’s the case, a video that focuses on your qualifications as a real estate agent may be just the thing to win them over.

Here, your primary focus wouldn’t be to sell a specific property, but to introduce yourself and gain the trust of someone in need of your services. Use a brand video to introduce your agency, as well as an introductory video about your agents. Besides providing some useful information about your qualifications and passions as an agent, it will also put a friendly face to what can sometimes be a difficult process.

5 Types of Videos Every Real Estate Agent Needs

So, you’re convinced about the power of video, but you need help getting started. Not to worry! We’ve got a few ideas that’ll hopefully inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

1. Listing Video

Highlight a specific listing and show off its best features. Take a video tour inside, show off the outside, use captivating aerial footage, and cover the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, acreage, amenities, and more.

2. Neighborhood Tour

Show off the best a particular neighborhood has to offer. Highlight attractions, restaurants, parks, schools, and other community favorites, plus a few of the best properties in town.

3. Agency Brand Video

Introduce your agency to the world! Talk about your brand mission, your experience, why you do what you do, and more. This video could be what convinces a lead buyer to choose you over the competition.

4. Agent Q&A

Show off your agents’ know-how with an industry or agent question and answer session. Cover some of your most frequently asked questions and make sure your answers provide value and inform viewers on a topic they’re curious about.

5. Customer Testimonial

One of the most important types of videos, a customer testimonial provides a strong, convincing review of your services directly from a past or current customer. They carry a lot of trust and credibility and can be the biggest motivators for leads who are close to making their purchase decision.


Real estate is one of the few industries ripe with video potential that just isn’t being harnessed. Whether you’re selling super mansions to the rich and famous, or helping a small, local family buy their first two-bedroom home, video provides a wealth of value that’s incomparable. From inside and outside home tours, to expert tips and more, video could help establish you as a leader in your field, helping you bring in more buyer leads and transform the success of your business.