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7 Resources to Learn the Basics of Video Production Online

Video production is a field that’s often easiest to learn by doing, but it can be tough to approach it that way if you’re starting from square one. So, we compiled seven of the most useful online resources to give your initial video exploration some structure and guidance. Check out our picks below to find the perfect online course or guide for your needs. 

Learn How to Concept Videos Within Advertising Campaigns

This Masterclass from Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein (namesakes of the ad agency Goodby and Silverstein) teaches you how to approach advertising and creativity as a whole. They share basic tips like how to brainstorm creative concepts, how to pitch your ideas to superiors and client teams, and how to approach specific creative executions like video. Try this resource if you want a big-picture understanding of how video fits in to the creative ad landscape and how you can elevate your creative thinking around video.

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Learn How to Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro

This Skillshare class goes over video editing within Adobe Premiere Pro, and it’s designed for beginners. Over 19 lessons that total three and a half hours total, you’ll learn how to organize your video clips, basic editing skills, how to utilize text, graphics, and effects, color correction and audio mixing, and more. If you’re looking to edit your first video with no background knowledge, this is a great resource to learn the basics and apply what you’ve learned to your first project.

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Learn How to Shoot a Video on an iPhone

When you think of video production, you may imagine expensive cameras, audio and lighting equipment, and softwares. However, there are many successful content creators that shoot their content using just an iPhone. If you’re curious about video production and want to get started without investing in any new gear, this Skillshare course offers great guidance about how to make your iPhone content look and feel as professional as possible.

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Learn Video Production from Start to Finish

This ultimate guide from our team at Lemonlight walks you through the basics of video marketing strategy and how to tailor your production strategy to your marketing goals. It covers how to decide on your goals in the first place, how to tailor your video to your audience, and how to tackle (or outsource) each step of the production process. This resource is right for you if you’re a marketer or business owner who plans to use video to level up your business. Read the main page from start to finish for an overview of the entire process, or click through to specific articles linked throughout to dive deeper into specific topics.

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Learn How to Emulate Existing Successful Video Ads

The Harmon Brothers are behind many of today’s most successful video ads (like the video campaigns for Squatty Potty, Purple, and Poo-porri) and in this collection of courses, they’re sharing everything they know about creating ads that convert. Choose from the beginner track, the intermediate track, and the advanced track to customize the content to your current skill level. This course is especially useful if the content you want to create is aimed at driving sales.

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Learn How to Create Videos for Social Media

Social media content often has its own unique style, and a background in filmmaking or other videography might not adequately prepare you for the social landscape. This cheat sheet from our team at Lemonlight will go over the specs and nuances you need to be aware of for each social media platform to ensure that your content meets viewers’ expectations. Keep it handy next time you’re creating a social video to make sure you’re following the right dimensions and other specifics.

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Learn How to Create Videos for TikTok

We recently hosted an informal lunchtime chat with experts on every side of the TikTok marketing scene, and you can still learn from their expertise in the replay! Hear from Grace Wells, a content creator with 1.2M followers; Sarah Grosz, Head of Influencer Marketing at MuteSix; and Chelsea Glaser, Co-Founder of brand Fredi. This was one of the most valuable conversations we’ve ever hosted at Lemonlight, and live attendees left comments like, “I need five more hours with you ladies!” and, “I’ve attended a lot of seminars but this is one of the best I’ve seen!” Check it out at the link below to watch at your own convenience.

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