Lemonlight 2019 by the Numbers: A Look Back at the Year’s Content

December 30, 2019 3 min read13

It’s almost 2020, so our team here at Lemonlight is taking this opportunity to look back on 2019 and all the feats we accomplished this year. We created 2,338 videos in the last 12 months, so we decided to analyze some other facts and stats from the year’s content to see if we can find any patterns to be aware of as we move into 2020. Check out the video below for an overview of what we tackled in 2019, and then join us as we dive in deeper!

Multiple Videos Per Client

We created an average of four videos per client this year, pointing to two common approaches to video content in 2020. One approach is using the same exact video content, but adjusting the specs (like the dimensions or the aspect ratio) to fit multiple platforms. This extra step that we take to tailor the content for our clients is important. It’s obvious when a video was designed for Instagram and then gets posted as an afterthought on Facebook, and vice versa. The experience for viewers is less enjoyable because the content doesn’t blend seamlessly into platforms other than the one it was edited for, meaning that great content could be underperforming just because it wasn’t customized for the platform.

Another approach to producing multiple videos for one client is creating a series of videos that are all part of the same campaign. For example, companies might create four testimonial videos with different customers to share a variety of perspectives about their products or services. Or, a single testimonial video might supplement a product video and how-to video for the same product. No matter what the combination of videos is, the idea is that a video campaign is meant to involve a series of videos that drive consumers to the same end goal, which is often to make a purchase. The combination of multiple videos means there are more touchpoints for consumers to have positive interactions with the brand, and the repetition of similar messages over time strengthens the brand’s image in the consumer’s mind. The result? More engagement and conversions than a single video is likely to generate on its own.

Both of these approaches help explain the average of four videos per client this year, and we expect to see similar (or higher) values in 2020.

In-House Productions

Next, let’s take a look at some year-end totals for our video shoots themselves. We had 743 total shoots this year, which we filmed at 131 incredible locations. This hints at another exciting accomplishment of 2019, which was Lemonlight getting its own in-house film studio! On site alongside our office, we have a fully equipped film studio where we shot many of our productions this year. So far, it’s served as the backdrop for offices, children’s bedrooms, living rooms, and more. This addition to our office space meant we didn’t have to seek out quite as many locations for shoots this year. We look forward to continuing to expand our in-studio productions in 2020.

During our 743 shoots this year, we captured a total of 5,232 hours of video footage. We edited 262 hours of video, which demonstrates just how incredible our editors are at Lemonlight. Part of the magic of editing is the process of going through the existing footage and deciding which clips to include to tell the right story for the client. As you can see from the numbers, much of the existing footage doesn’t make it into the final videos. This is by design, and it allows the editors to have several options to choose from when they’re weaving the storyline together. Still, our edited footage alone would take 10 straight days to watch in its entirety.

Video Marketing Expertise

On our website, we shared our video marketing tips and tricks in a total of 215 blog posts. We shared everything from how to brainstorm potential video content, to how video can supplement an SEO strategy, to what to do if your production goes wrong. Our top three posts of the year were:

8 Most Engaging Commercials of 2019

What Do Most People Watch Most on YouTube in 2019?

20 Places to Post Your Video Now That It’s Done

We also shared video marketing expertise in a total of 10 webinars, where we helped 2,673 webinar attendees learn about various video topics. Stay tuned for our webinar announcements in 2020 to keep developing your video skills!

Join Us!

Overall, 2019 was a great year for the Lemonlight community. There are a number of ways to join us going into 2020: sign up for our mailing list, check out more of our blog content, or work with us to create the perfect video content for your marketing goals this year. Either way, we can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish in 2020.

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