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  • Graphic Designer – Print and Digital

    Graphic Designer – Print and Digital

    Lemonlight Media Inc. seeks Graphic Designer to join its team.

    Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design or a related field

    24 months experience in any job title involving graphic design required

    Job Duties:

    1. Graphic Design service for the company’s clients  including the design of graphics for use on websites, digital ads, landing pages, logos, stationary, social media assets, event assets (i.e. posters, bags), e-books, digital presentation, UI and UX (user interface and user experience) designs,and other marketing materials.
    2. Post production graphic work on photographs for  use in clients’ marketing materials.
    3. Develop/code graphics for use in clients’ e-mail marketing campaigns and associated landing pages.
    4. Graphic design of animation storyboards for clients’ marketing materials.

    Work Site: Marina Del Rey, CA


    Mail resumes to Lemonlight Media Inc. 4063A Glencoe Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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  • Production Coordinator

    Production Coordinator

    We are hiring a Production Coordinator to bring creative intuition and technical prowess to our commercial production department. As a full-time Production Coordinator, you’ll be given exceptional creative control and autonomy with the understanding that we expect innovation and self-motivation. As a company, we produce around 50 commercials per month so exceptional organizational skills are a must.


    • Putting together budgets and hiring vendors, talent, and crew within budget
    • Scheduling Productions
    • Building Call Sheets
    • Putting together notes for the Director
    • Renting Equipment
    • Scouting Locations


    • 2+ years of experience On set experience Film equipment experience Work in the Marina del Rey office, Monday – Friday
    • We believe the success of a company starts with its core team. Creativity and culture fit are more important than raw footage or a name-brand client.


    • Insurance including Medical, Vision and Dental
    • Paid Time Off
    • Happy Hours
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  • Digital Advertising Intern

    Digital Advertising Intern

    Lemonlight is seeking an Online Advertising Intern, to manage the online campaigns for our clients. The right candidate will be highly motivated and organized. You must be able to multi-task, quickly pick up new concepts and projects while maintaining an upbeat and positive relationship with prospective clients.

    No experience is necessary. An interest in data or analytics will go far.


    • Setting up new campaigns on platforms including Google Adwords, Facebook, and other ad platforms
    • Analyzing data and optimizing campaigns for best possible results
    • Sharing results with clients and showing them the value of their advertising


    • Insurance including Medical, Dental and Vision
    • Paid Time Off
    • Happy Hours
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  • Social Media Manager

    Social Media Manager


    Lemonlight Media is a video marketing company in Los Angeles and we’re seeking a superstar Social Media Manager who is an enthusiastic, hardworking, and organized individual to become an integral part of our team.

    You must be able to multi-task, quickly pick up new concepts and projects while maintaining an upbeat and positive relationship with clients. Seeking someone who can create engaging social content at scale.

    • Responsible for streamlining and strategizing the social media program for both Lemonlight and our clients
    • Manage Lemonlight blog
    • Manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and/or Google Adwords
    • Must be an excellent copywriter with ample social media experience


    • Benefits including Medical, Dental, and Vision
    • Paid Time Off
    • Happy Hours
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