Introducing Lemonlight’s New Logo

Meet the new Lemonlight logo.

We didn’t make this change lightly. A logo is the first thing that you notice about a company. Like an elegant signature or royal insignia pressed in wax, it announces your brand to the world. This was our big chance to create an impression and tell Lemonlight’s story with color, space, type, and text. For us, that meant making a few alterations inspired by where we came from – and where we are today.

Our first logo was originally drawn up in 2014, when Lemonlight was operating out of co-founder Daniel Marlow’s apartment. With bold capital letters and a crisp, orderly design, it reflected our confidence in what we were just starting to build… and the confidence we were really hoping that potential clients would have in us, too.   

A whole bunch has changed since those early, early days. For starters, we’re not crammed into one little apartment anymore. Lemonlight has cycled through multiple offices in the half decade since then, and only recently have we become the proud owners of our own independent space, housed in a stylishly converted Inglewood office building. And did we mention that it’s just a four minute walk from take-out Thai food and a craft brewery?

And that was just the start. In five short years, Lemonlight has created over 7,000 videos for 3,000 clients all around the world – sometimes producing 200 in one month! We’ve been featured in AdWeek, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. as marketing leaders, with multiple industry prizes to back it up. Our international partners include Amazon, AdRoll, Indiegogo, and other top-tier global brands. Yes, Lemonlight has come a long way from the scrappy start-up we were in 2014, but our heart has always stayed in the same place – and so has our desire to make an impression.

That’s why the new Lemonlight logo is sleekly laid-back and reflects our core philosophy of creating high-quality, affordable video content. Less an update than a reimagining, it links our past with our present and–beyond that–our future.

So say “hello” to the new Lemonlight logo, and celebrate how far we’ve come together.

Leland F.

Leland F.