How Squarespace Nailed Multi-Channel Marketing

Video marketing in 2019 is all about being creative with the format. By now, most viewers and would-be customers know they’re going to be served ads online, and they’re pretty familiar with the type of ads to expect and where to expect them. That’s why it’s important to stand out in a crowded field by being extra creative with your creative, even in simple ways.

Take this new video series by website builder Squarespace. Squarespace has a history of brilliant video ads, and this new video campaign is no exception. Not relying on star power or brilliant set design this time, this video series uses simple filmmaking, humor, and a clever premise.

The fun doesn’t stop with these short 30-second spots. Squarespace also created longer videos featuring the same characters reviewing their recently finished websites, pointing out a key feature of their site while bantering to increasingly ridiculous degrees.

Then, if the shorts weren’t enough, Squarespace actually created landing pages for the websites featured in each of the three scenarios, like Tim and Katie’s forever wedding website, Beatric Carter’s executive for hire contact page, and our personal favorite, Undadawg brands’ streetwear for dogs launch site.

These websites aren’t just for fun – they continue the meta-narrative by including real selling points for how visitors can create similar pages for their own personal needs using Squarespace’s signature web building platform – while continuing the jokes with plenty of punchlines peppered throughout. They’re fun, informative, and even include a “Start your free trial” CTA leading back to the Squarespace homepage.

So what can you take away from this simple, but inventive series?

1. You don’t need to be flashy when you can be clever.

Squarespace used simple production techniques to bring these videos to life. Some of the shorter videos are almost entirely one shot, and both sets of video rely primarily on clever writing and top notch comedic performances to sell their ideas.

Even using the conceit of the Squarespace logo popping in with a quick musical cue was smart and easy to pull off, while more than enough to communicate the video’s central idea. You don’t always need to go for broke to make something brilliant.

Plus, because the videos themselves were simple, they had room (and budget) to create the fun landing pages using the same talent.

2. Use video as part of a compelling, multi-medium marketing effort.

The key takeaway here is to think outside of the square, like Squarespace did, and consider how you can use video marketing as part of an integrated marketing effort that includes all of your different tactics and platforms to create a compelling narrative.

Squarespace created a 30-second video to run to attract new eyeballs, then a longer two-minute video to engage viewers who found the characters or scenarios funny, and then a landing page to nurture those potential leads who wanted to click-through to learn more (or have a few more laughs).

You can similarly use video throughout your customer buyer’s journey, and in tandem with your varied marketing efforts, to tell a compelling and multi-medium story of why a customer should choose your product or service for their needs.

3. Keep it focused on the customer.

While this campaign was likely great fun for the creative team behind the videos, they served a larger purpose in staying focused on the “why” behind Squarespace’s target demo: people who want to use Squarespace as a means to share themselves or their business ideas with the world.

Whether you’re a couple looking for a web builder to create your perfect engagement page or an entrepreneur looking to launch their latest venture, this video series represented the user and stayed locked onto their needs. Plus, they did it with humor, which made it all the more of a good time to watch.

What do you need out of your video marketing?

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Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey