Client Spotlight: Hom Essence

Meet Lemonlight client Hom Essence!

Hom Essence is an office supplies company based out of Los Alamitos, California with a stylish brand. We worked with them to create a commercial for a new line of modern clipboards, presenting the following challenge: How do you take a simple and familiar product and make it exciting and unique? Here’s how we pulled it off.

Step 1 – Let the creativity fly. Using a visual motif of flying papers, we staged an action-packed reveal and brought the stationery clipboards to life.

Step 2 – ‘Highlight’ the important stuff. We used colored font that matched that same palette to highlight key product features, like the clipboard’s patented custom strap.

Step 3 – End with a splash! We threw colored paint on the white clipboards to accentuate the Ultimate Clipboard’s eye popping colors, and used an editing trick to make the clipboards look like they were multiplying to show the range of options.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey