Client Spotlight: Hawke Media

For many companies, annual conferences are a time for learning, networking, and celebrating the year’s events and accomplishments. These memorable events are often captured on video, allowing the occasion to live on as part of the company’s history. 

When companies are planning these events, they can adjust the style and specifics of the experience to match their goals and corporate culture. This variety also means there are many approaches to capturing conferences on video.

Some companies will choose to document the event exactly as it occurred, documenting the function to the point where a viewer could watch the video and have virtually the same experience as someone who was actually there. Other companies go a different direction, choosing to capture the look and feel of the event more so than the specifics of the agenda. 

This video for our client, Hawke Media, uses the latter approach. It shows off their concept of an “anti-conference,” featuring keynote speakers, expert panels, entertainment activations, gourmet cuisine, and more. Our editors wove together a storyline for each of these components, capturing the spirit of the event through a series of short clips from the night. 

For more abstract event videos like this one, the subtleties of the content are important. Specifics like the music choice or the arrangement of the footage carry more weight because they contribute to the overall impression of the occasion. The end result is a video that captures the sense of Hawkefest and what it felt like for attendees. 

Check it out below!


Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam