Client Spotlight: Elephant in a Box

Did you know that humor can actually help improve your memory recall? Scientists are calling this concept “the humor effect” after studies found that information presented in a humorous way is more likely to be remembered later. 

This phenomenon might explain the popularity and prevalence of comedy shows with an informative spin like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Viewers of these hit shows get to laugh while they learn—but they are learning, and they’re learning effectively. 

We don’t quite understand why the humor effect happens, but we do know that you should consider using humor in your video marketing content if you want to leave a lasting impression. Luckily for you, using humor doesn’t mean your message can’t be compelling and informative. 

Take our client Elephant in a Box, for example. The video we created for them, shown below, is undeniably funny. It catches your attention right away, and there are subtle jokes that carry the playful tone throughout the video. 

However, the video also conveys several key product features and demonstrates possible applications for the end-user. We didn’t have to sacrifice any factual evidence about the product’s strengths to make a funny video.

By combining product highlights with strategically-placed punchlines, we end up with a video that’s enjoyable to watch, informative, and more likely to be memorable to viewers down the line. 

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not! The science doesn’t lie, and neither do we. So, take some time to assess whether a playful, humorous tone would work for your brand. If the answer is yes, take the next step and start planning your video campaign (or give us a call and we’ll do the legwork for you!).

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam