Client Spotlight: Courtmatics

Meet Lemonlight client Courtmatics!

Courtmatics is a smart-tech company with a coaching platform that leverages technology to help tennis players measure and improve their game. We created the video below to highlight their platform and their one-of-a-kind technology called the Smart Dampener. Here’s how we did it.

Overlay to clarify. At 0:03 seconds in, we used an animated text overlay to introduce the Smart Dampener and show it in action before introducing any voiceover.

Split it up to make a point. At 0:13-0:15, we use a split-screen effect to show the app functioning in connection with the Smart Dampener. We do it again at 0:38, showing an animation of the app alongside tennis playing to show off the platform’s multiple functions.

Lights, camera, animation! We created a tri-colored animation out of the company’s tri-colored logo to emulate how the app tracks the tennis player’s stroke, most noticeably around 0:21-0:25, bringing a function of the app the viewer couldn’t see to life as a fun, representational visual motif.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey