Client Spotlight: Coeur Sports

When did “sincerity” become a bad word? In an age of so-called fake news and ultra-partisan media, you might think that approaching content with an open, kind-hearted sensibility would be less controversial. And yet one of the bravest things that any brand can do is wear its heart on its sleeve for everyone to see. Sincerity often invites mockery, judgement, and disdain, but it can also be an incredible method to help your brand slice through the fog of slick, ironic content and make a genuine impression.

However, this kind of sincerity is not a perfect fit for every brand. Figuring out exactly what kind of feeling you want your brand to generate is a complex challenge for even veteran content marketers. To help break it down, let’s start by taking a look at this sincere video spot Lemonlight created for long-time clients Coeur Sports:

There are a lot of different approaches we could have taken to this video, from flashy graphics to pulse-pounding music and hyper-produced staging. We could have been funny. We could have been romantic. We could have been tech chic or cocky. But we decided to keep it simple, straightforward, and sincere. Why? Because while all of those other elements can be effective for certain brands–and frequently are–none of them reflect what Coeur is all about. Coeur has its own specific identity, which raises the question: How can content marketers determine what that identity is? 

Well, every brand has its unique archetype, which partially determines the emotional effect that it has on its audience. By understanding an archetype, you understand the impression that a brand is supposed to make. For Coeur, their archetype is The Hero: They inspire audiences to go out and make a difference in the world and, in turn, inspire others along the way. Because we recognized their archetype, we were able to then fulfill it with a super sincere video focussed on the concept of inspiration. 

Through Coeur’s brand archetype, Lemonlight developed a content pitch that acted as its own visualized call to action. “You Never Know Who You Will Inspire” became our tagline, and the driving force of the video. The more we understood our brand archetype, the more we were able to create a totally unified piece that not only featured “motivation” as a central principle, but actively encouraged it in our audience – all while keeping Coeur Sports at the forefront.

What is your brand archetype, and how can you maximize its potential in all of your video content? Think about not just your creative aesthetics, but the feeling that you want to inspire in your potential customers. Do you want them to stand up tall? To rebel? To build? To dream? By connecting with your brand’s archetype, you can sincerely engage with audiences and take your content game to the next level. 

Leland F.

Leland F.