Client Spotlight: Built in NY — Discovery Digital

One of the oldest rules in business is that the customer is always right. When it comes to marketing, customers are almost always placed at the forefront of campaigns and strategies. However, many businesses have another “customer” that traditional marketing efforts often ignore: prospective employees. 

While these “customers” might not be in the market for the products your company sells, they’re still an important audience to consider as you create your marketing strategy. This is the essence of recruitment marketing, and it’s time to stop ignoring it in your company’s marketing plans. 

So, how do you actually market a specific career or employer? Video content is effective because it paints a fuller picture of a company’s culture and workplace behavior. Videos made for this purpose are often some variation of a “behind-the-scenes” concept, offering an inside look at the company’s projects, employees, day-to-day responsibilities, or other factors that might be relevant to someone looking for their next job.

This inside look offers insights into the role and company culture that would be hard to extrapolate from a job description or a corporate “About” page. In 2016, Glassdoor reported that 67% of employers felt that setting clearer expectations about a role in advance would improve retention rates. They also found that 90% of job seekers thought employee perspectives were useful in learning about the job. 

Given these statistics, screen time with internal team members is a great opportunity to influence your recruitment marketing strategy in a way that feels personal and authentic. This video for one of our clients does just that. We take an inside look at Discovery Digital’s engineering team, and several employees share the projects they’re excited about, the goals of the company, and why they love their jobs. Check it out!

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam